2 Bihar boys got 900 crores credited in the bank account

2 Bihar boys got 900 crores credited in the bank account

Much to their surprise, two boys from Bihar's Pastiya village found out that their bank accounts had been credited with ₹900 crores, Livehindustan reported on Wednesday. The bank has already initiated a probe to find out how the money got deposited. Meanwhile, the branch manager of the bank has ordered to stop withdrawal from the accounts.

Guruchandra Vishwas and Asit Kumar, residents of Pastiya village in Bagaura panchayat in Katihar district, visited the local Centralised Processing Centre (CPC) of State Bank of India (SBI) to enquire about the money deposited by the state government for their school uniforms. It came as a shocker when they learned that a massive sum of money had been depositing into their account, the Livehindustan report said.

Vishwas' bank account was credited with ₹60 crores, Kumar's account with ₹900 crores, Livehindustan said. The boys hold the account in Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank.

Branch manager Manoj Gupta was surprised to learn about the issue and stopped the withdrawal of money. Live Hindustan further reported that a probing had been ordering, and senior bank officials have been informing.

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According to reports, 30-year-old tutor Ranjeet Das of Bihar's Bakhtiyar village received ₹5.5 lakh in his account due to a bank error earlier this year. However, Das refused to return the money initially even as several notices were serving to him.

Das told police, reports said.

"I was very happy when I received a message on my mobile phone. It was a big amount for a poor man like me. I thought the money had been sent by PM Narendra Modi as as the first instalment of the total Rs15 lakh he had promised to every individual during an election campaign in Bihar,"

Later he had returned most of the money under the pressure of banking officials but had kept ₹1.6 lakhs with him, which he refused to return.

The bank manager lodged an FIR against the tutor, following which he was arrested.

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