25 Rs rupees increased in LPG Gas

25 rs rupees increased in LPG Gas

The company has again increased the prices of Domestic LPG cylinders. The cost of a non-subsidized cylinder to 25 Rs rupees increased. In Delhi, a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder has now become Rs 859.5. Whereas before this it was getting Rs 834.50. Earlier on July 1, the price of the LPG cylinder was increased by Rs 25.50.

In Mumbai, too, the rate of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder is now Rs 859.5, whereas it was Rs 834.50. In Kolkata, the rate of LPG cylinders has increased from Rs 861 to Rs 886 per cylinder.

Whereas for an LPG cylinder in Chennai from today, you will have to pay Rs 875.50, which was Rs 850.50 till yesterday.has 25 Rs rupees increased.

For an LPG cylinder in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, you will have to pay Rs 897.5. And, Rs 866.50 will have to pay LPG in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Generally, state-owned oil companies change the price of gas cylinders (LPG Price) on the first day of every month. At the beginning of 2021, i.e., in January, the LPG cylinder price in Delhi was Rs 694, increasing to Rs 719 per cylinder in February.

On February 15, the price was increasing to Rs 769. After this, on February 25, the cost of the LPG cylinder was increased to Rs 794. In March, the price of the LPG cylinder was hiking to Rs 819. After the reduction of Rs 10 in early April, the rate of domestic LPG cylinders had been reduced from Rs 819 per cylinder to Rs 809 a cylinder in Delhi. In a year, the prices of LPG cylinders have increased by Rs 165.50.

A domestic gas cylinder cost ₹866 in Kochi and ₹869 in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday, upsetting domestic budgets.

But the domestic cylinder rates were left unchanged. The latest hike has left consumers anxious, with several households in rural Kozhikode turning to firewood once again.

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