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Commercial cylinder price cut by ₹102.50

Commercial cylinder price cut by ₹102.50

In some relief for consumers of LPG on New Year, according to ANI, National Oil Marketing companies have cut the prices of 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder cost by ₹102.50 effective from January 1, 2022.

Today, the 19 kg commercial cylinder will cost ₹1998.50 in Delhi, and ANI reports quoting sources.

It will give some relief to restaurants, eateries, tea stalls, etc., which constitute the most prominent user segment of the 19 kg cylinder.

Last month on December 1, prices of 19 Kg LPG cylinders were increased by ₹100, bringing the prices of 19 kg commercial cylinders to ₹2,101 in Delhi, which was the second-highest price of 19 kg commercial gas cylinder after 2012-13 when it cost around ₹2,200 per cylinder.

However, there is no decrease in prices of other domestic cylinders weighing 5 kg, 10 kg, 14.2 kg, or 5 kg composite cylinders, and their prices remain the same.

Commercial cylinder price cut by 102.50 1Twitter image : @BPCLLPG

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Earlier on November 1, 19 kg Commercial cylinder prices saw a steep rise of ₹266, increasing the costs to ₹2,000.50.

A 19-kg cylinder, following the new rate cut, will cost ₹1,998.50 as against ₹2,101 in Delhi.

LPG Cylinder rate is changed monthly for all the states and union territories in India. Earlier on October 1, prices of 19kg cylinders were increased by ₹43, and on October 6, ₹2.50 decreased in 19 kg commercial cylinder. On September 1, costs of 19kg cylinder were increased by ₹75.

After a hike of ₹266nd 100 last year,on price of commercial LPG cylinder hike in Delhi has gone up to ₹2000.5, which was earlier ₹1735.5. In cost in Mumbai of commercial gas cylinders of 19 kg is ₹1950. A 19 kg gas cylinder in Kolkata has become ₹2073.50, while in Chennai, a 19 kg cylinder will be available for ₹2133. Starting these with some relief to consumers.

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