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Hike in MSP for paddy ,oilseeds and pulses

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With the increase MSP in paddy prices, farmers were unhappy.

The MSP for paddy was Rs 1868 last year to Rs 1940 per quintal this year. The Government announced a hike of nearly 4 percent to the previous year's price.

The Government announced the hike of MSP for oilseeds, coarse cereals, and pulses.

The MSP for both tur and urad dal saw a hike by ₹300. The quintal price now stands ₹6,300 the increase of 5 percent, Groundnut and nigerseed MSP increase of ₹275 and ₹235.

However, Maize saw a minor hike of just ₹20 to ₹1,870 per quintal, and the sesamum saw the highest increase in MSP to ₹7,307 at 6.6 percent.

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs Announced New MSP on Wednesday.

The MSP for urad and tur will guarantee 60% returns, and for bajra, the MSP was placed at 85% above the cost of production, while the remaining crops MSP was placed 50 percent of the output of charge for this year is set.

MSP is the rate at which the Government authority purchases crops from farmers based on a tally of at least one-and-a-half times the cost of production gain by farmers.

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The decision was confirmed when farmers are protesting for more than six months outside Delhi.

The Farmers are demanding repeal of three farm reform laws and legislation to guarantee the MSP for all farmers.

Saiyuki Kisan Morcha (SKM) said,

The announcement was just a jumla (false promise) as it did not account for the total cost of production. No tool secures that every farmer can get at minimum the MSP as the flat price in local markets. Thus, this is a meaningless concept as far as farmers are worry, and that is why this movement has been asking for an authorized entitlement for all farmers so that a remunerative MSP can be ensured for all farmers.

Saiyuki Kisan Morcha (SKM) also noted that some increases, especially for Maize, did not even keep step with inflation.

SKM added The Farmers are concerned about the meaningless concept, and farmers are also asking for authorizing privilege to all farmers

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar repeatedly says that MSPs will stay after the meeting.

He also said

The hike in rates was proof of the Centre's commitment.          

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