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Countries with COVID-19 vaccine compulsory

Countries with COVID-19 vaccine compulsory

The rise of a delta variant of COVID-19 has caused some countries to mandate vaccinations in healthcare workers, high-risk groups, and customers frequenting indoor businesses. Many have also implemented a vaccine passport system, requiring individuals to show proof of complete vaccination or a negative COVID test to enter bars, restaurants, clubs, and movie theaters below is the list Countries with COVID-19 vaccine compulsory while traveling.

List of Countries with COVID-19 vaccine compulsory:


Australia introduced a vaccine mandate in late June for all health care workers and employees working with high-risk older individuals. It also required vaccines for Paralympic athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics to protect any at-risk members of the team.

Tasmania will make vaccination mandatory for health care workers and employees working with older age groups on 17th September.


Care workers who work in care homes will be required to be vaccinated from 11th November onwards. Nightclubs, bars, and other venues that host large audiences will mandate attendees to provide proof of complete vaccination after the end of September.


On 13th August, Canada mandated vaccination for 300,000 federal employees. Any passenger on a plane, train, or cruise ship in Canada must also provide proof of complete vaccination to board. Canada’s vaccination policies are considered one of the strictest amongst significant countries. Still, they are also highly popular with the Canadian public, with recent polls indicating that Canadian’s would support a vaccine mandate for all public-facing workers.


France has mandates vaccines for all healthcare workers since July. The same law also created the “health pass” system, a vaccine passport giving fully vaccinated access to clubs, bars, restaurants, and other venues. The law has inspired debate and protests within the country but remains in place and has shown signs of being effective.

France also fines businesses that do not check customer’s health passes 45,000 euros ($53,456)


Greece’s law mandating vaccines for all medical professionals was announced earlier in the summer but recently came into place on 1st September. The mandate sparked protests from aggrieved, unvaccinated health care workers who were suspended from their jobs without pay for refusing to get the jab. The Greek government has allowed these workers to return to their jobs if they comply with the mandate by getting fully vaccinated.

Greece only allows fully vaccinated patrons to enter movie theaters, bars, clubs, restaurants, and other indoor venues.

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The Italian government passed a decree back in March mandating healthcare workers and pharmacists get the vaccine. Like Greece, the penalty for not getting the shot is suspension without pay for an entire year.

The government of Italy recently announced that they are considering making vaccines mandatory for all eligible citizens.


On 16th June, all public-facing workers in Moscow were required to be fully vaccinated. Employers were given a month-long period to ensure that a minimum of 60% of their staff had gotten their first shot. A vaccine passport law was temporarily in place in the city, but as of 19th July, residents are no longer required to show proof of vaccination to enter cafes, restaurants, clubs, and bars.

United States

President Joe Biden introduced a vaccine mandate for federal employees at the end of July, requiring unvaccinated employees to face weekly testing, mask mandates, and travel restrictions if they refused the vaccine. The president also added financial incentives for new vaccinations, offering a hundred dollars to each person who went to get the shot.

New York was the first significant city in the U.S. to pass its vaccine passport mandate, which requires proof of complete vaccination from customers and employees at clubs, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, and other venues. The order goes into effect on 13th September, but many businesses have already begun operating under its rules.

New Jersey, California, and New York have introduced vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, state employees, and transit employees, requiring complete vaccination or weekly COVID testing.

Over half of U.S. companies have plans to implement a vaccine mandate before 2022.

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