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Covaxin booster effective against Delta and Omicron: Bharat Biotech study

Covaxin booster effective against Delta and Omicron: Bharat Biotech study

On Wednesday, Bharat Biotech said an Emory University study demonstrated that a booster dose of the Covaxin given after six months of its two doses could neutralize the coronavirus's Omicron and Delta variants' efficacy booster doses of mRNA vaccines against Omicron variant.

The new study will be an issue on the pre-print server medRXiv shortly, the Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical firm's official statement.

More than 90% of people boosted with the Covaxin vaccine showed neutralizing antibodies. All candidates first received two doses of the vaccine 28 days apart. "Like the superior Covid-19 variant throughout the world, the Omicron variant poses a serious health concern to the public," said Mehul Suthar, assistant professor at the Emory Vaccine Center of the university in Atlanta US, who led the laboratory survey.

"Data from this preliminary survey show individuals receiving a booster dose of Covaxin have a remarkable immune response to both the Delta and Omicron variants. The findings suggested that a booster dose has the potential to reduce covid severity of hospitalizations."

Covaxin booster effective against Delta and Omicron Bharat Biotech study 1Twitter image: @BharatBiotech

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Chairman and MD of Bharat Biotech, Dr. Krishna Ella, said,

"We are in a continuing state of innovation and product development for Covaxin. The positive neutralization responses against Delta and Omicron variants validate our hypothesis of a multi-epitope vaccine generating both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses."

To Assess the effectiveness of Covaxin against the Omicron Covid variant, Ocugen contracted Vaccine Center to test human immune sera obtained from a contributor in an ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial. Sera were collected 28-days post booster–six months following the primary two-dose series. Each serum was tested in a neutralization evaluation. Following three doses, the geometric mean anti-dsDNA of neutralizing antibodies against the Omicron variant constant in the samples was 75, compared to 480 against the Delta and 706 against a variant called D614G. Ocugen, Inc. sponsored this study, And Bharat Biotech provided the sera from a Phase 2 study.

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