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Covishield, Sputnik V cost cheaper than Covaxin

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Covaxin the third costliest vaccine globally out of three; Covishield and Pfizer abroad cost half of the Indian-made vaccine made by Bharat Biotech.

Sputnik V and Covishield will cost a maximum of ₹ 780 and ₹ 1,145 for a single dose, respectively. However, Covaxin will not be more than 1,410 per dose. All three amounts include a GST of Rs 150.

Why is Covaxin costlier than Covishield, Sputnik V?

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Rakesh Mishra, the Adviser from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, said

Covaxin's technology involves higher costs. Covaxin's technology is different from Covishield and Sputnik. Covaxin, an inactivated virus, is used, so hundreds of liters of expensive serum have to be shipped, and the virus is grown in this serum under BSL labs, with utmost precautions, and then inactivated. mRNA vaccines are simple and cheapest technology to make, and they don't need an extravagant facility,Covaxin costing almost double of Covishield and Covishield and Sputnik V have different prices due to commercial reasons.


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Pfizer and Moderna do not use a live virus that causes COVID-19 but rather guide body cells to make a painless piece of "spike protein," and both Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines.

mRNA technology allows a quick pick to target the new variant.

Dr. Mishra says Covaxin's technology, based on an inactivated virus, means a long and hefty process for the vaccine to be regenerate for any new variant.

the price of vaccines now worldwide used for other much lower than Covid vaccines which were developed earlier these year Experts said

The Serum Institute supplies the measles vaccine to UNICEF at 39.6 US cents or ₹ 30 per dose.

The measles vaccine is also a live vaccine.?

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The rabies vaccine and Covaxin both use inactivated virus technology, but the rabies vaccine sold for Rs 200 per dose for the same technology.

The production cost for vaccines includes raw material, plant operation, packaging and maintenance, license expenses, product development costs, and clinical trials.

Inactivated Covid vaccine price is ₹ 1,200 is costlier than the other two covid vaccines, which excludes GST.

Expert Says Prices will decrease as the number of manufacturers and volume increases.

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