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Man given ARV Vaccine instead of Covid Vaccine

Man has given ARV Vaccine instead of Covid Vaccine

A doctor and nurse in the Thane district got suspended for mistakenly giving the (ARV) anti-rabies vaccine to a man who had come to get a Covid vaccine.

Sandeep Malvi, Additional Commissioner of Thane Municipal Corporation, said

"A doctor and a nurse suspend for delivering 'anti-rabies vaccine, instead of corona vaccines, at a health care centre of Kalwa area in Thane district."

The person who was administering anti-rabies vaccine health is stable, the municipal corporation added. As per the report in HT, Rajkumar Yadav had gone to enquire about the Covishield vaccine at the Atkoneshwar Nagar primary health care center in Kalwa East. The medical officer-in-charge of the center, Dr. Rakhi Tawade, gave him the case paper for the Covishield vaccines and asked him to wait in a queue.

Malvi, the Additional Commissioner, said that Yadav mistakenly sat in a queue of anti-rabies vaccines. When Rajkumar Yadav's turn came, the concerned nurse, Kirti Rayat, did not check his case papers nor informed him about the vaccines. As per Malvi, the nurse assumed that Yadav was there for the (ARV) anti-rabies shots and mistakenly gave the wrong vaccine jab.

The additional commissioner told.

"It was a responsibility of the nurse and medical officer to inform the patients about the vaccine being giving and to check the case papers before giving any vaccine dose,"

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After Yadav got shot, he asked the nurse which vaccine he was administering. The nurse told him it was (ARV) anti-rabies vaccine, following which Yadav agitated and demanded an explanation.

45-year-old Yadav told the daily that he had undergone surgery recently. Therefore he went to the health center to inquire if he could be vaccinated.

Yadav told HT.

"The doctor said I can take the vaccine and gave me the case papers. As I was unable to stand due to the operation, one person from the hospital told me to go and take a seat in one of the rooms,"

Yadav claimed he was giving a shot on both the arms, which made him suspicious.

"She did not ask me to show any papers or asked what dose I was there for. I was shocked to hear that they gave me anti-rabies vaccine when I was not bitten by a dog."

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