Thursday, 28 October 2021

New interference in Cowin to show vaccination status launched

New interference in Cowin to show vaccination status launched

The Health Ministry has launched (API) a new Application Programming Interface through web portal Co-WIN, called Client’s Vaccination Status or ‘Know Your Customer’s.

Union Health Ministry said on Friday.

KYC-VS will enable a verified entity to know whether a person has taken vaccine against covid or not,

The Ministry said that individuals need to enter their mobile number and name to use this API in a release.

Said In the release.

“There After that will, get OTP which they have to enter for further proceed. In return, Co-WIN will send the response to verify entity on an individual’s status of vaccination,”

This response will be digitally signed format and can be shared instantly with the verifying person.

Noted in the release.

“A real-life, e.g., could be when at the time of booking a railway ticket, a person will need input the necessary detail for buying the ticket. If required, the entity will also get a vaccination status in the same transaction, with the due consent of an individual,”

KYC-VS, as per Ministry, is both consent-based and privacy-preserving.

New interference in Cowin to show vaccination status launched 1pixabay image

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Additionally, to facilitate quick integration and faster adoption, the Co-WIN Team has prepared a webpage with the API, embedding in any system. These will allow for seamless integration with any system.

It added that this service might be utilized by any service provider, private or public, to verify an individual’s vaccination status is critical for facilitating a service requested.

The Ministry said that.

The socio-economic activities are being gradually reviving while maintaining everyone’s safety. There is a need to digitally convey the status of individuals’ vaccination to entities with whom they may be engaging for any or all reasons, such as residents, employees, residents, passengers.

The release said.

“Therefore, there is a need to activate Aadhaar like authentication service for the status of vaccination through app Co-WIN. To take care of these types of cases and others that may come up, this API has been launching,”

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