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No doses say states vaccination decline by 60%

No doses say states vaccination decline by 60%

In a week from June 21, 60 lac vaccines per day were the standard. Although, the last time India crossed the daily figure was on July 3. To meet the Centre’s requirement to fully vaccinate all Indian adults by the year-end, at least eighty lakh doses must organize every day.

Several States have reported having to shut down vaccination centers due to the unavailability of stocks as there is a vaccination decline.

Said Tamil Nadu Minister.

“We have 3,96,750 doses left. We need 11.5 crore doses but have obtain 1.67 crores dosages. We need more 10 crore dosages. The government is continous attempt to get adequate vaccines,” 

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on Tuesday wrote a letter to Prime Minister, pointing out that variation in vaccine allocation for Tamil Nadu and sought particular distribution of one crore doses as vaccinations decline.

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Due to vaccination decline, centers remaining closed or people queuing up for vaccines for long hours have become common in many places. Tamil Nadu has received 1.67 crore doses of the two vaccines, while 1.66 crores have been delivered.

Maharashtra has operated 3.7 crore doses thus far. The State government has claimed it can handle 15 lakh dosages per day. Health Minister Tope said 70 lakh doses were received last week but were depleted in three days. As the vaccination decline, the State Assembly had lately passed a resolution demanding three crore doses per month from the Centre for the next three months.

Around 47% of Mumbai’s population above 18 plus provided the first dose, while more than 25% has given both doses. A total of 60 lakh persons (both first and second doses) have taken the vaccine. The BMC officials have said that while they can administer 1,00,000 doses daily, the civic body cannot fulfill even 50% of that quota due to the lack of vaccines.

In Karnataka, the gap between two vaccination only with first and second dose vaccinated has extended; State Health Commissioner K.V. Chandra assigned the low percentage of fully vaccinated people to the 12-16 week interval linking two amounts of Covishield introduced in May. As a significant slab of vaccinations happened in the last three months, those who have taken the first dose after that are yet to receive for a second, he said. He reasoned that the demand assume to go up in the coming days, as those falling into the eligible category will go up.

Covaxin doses shortages in state Telangana

Many Telangana government COVID Vaccination Centres (GCVC) have run out of Covaxin doses. The shortage is experiencing for the last many days.

Sources said.

“Until few weeks ago, we used to organise people for vaccination. We are not doing it now since the stock is not in there. And we don’t know when we will new stock arrive,”

Huge supply-demand inconsistency continues to be an issue in Kerala, says state officials.

The State has set priority status to specific groups in the population, like NRIs or college students between 18-23 years of age and students preparing to go abroad. Still, there are not enough vaccines to be allowed for all people.

Health officials say though the supply is regular, the shipment is small for a State that can deliver 2.5-3 lakh doses per day. These seriously reduced the pace of vaccination as they are declining, despite the massive demand.

Kerala has provided the first dose to around 44% population of 18 years plus and the second dose to about 16 percent.

The State’s vaccine demand for July is 60 lac dosages, with 25 lac dosages needed for delivering two dosages to those due for it.

Delhi’s vaccine stock lasts for only two more days, as per a bulletin released by the Delhi government on Tuesday. Still, many centers were closed on Tuesday as the city had stock for less than a day on Monday evening and the centers were yet to get a fresh supply. Health Minister of Delhi on Tuesday said 500 centers were shut due to the shortage of vaccines.

Due to the vaccination decline, Andhra Pradesh has now prioritized giving the second dose to beneficiaries due to getting it by limiting the conduct of the first dose to an eligible person aged about 45, mothers of children aged below five yrs, and people need to travel out of India.

According to officials, the Central government assures 50 lakh dosages in July. Although, there are over 30 lakh beneficiaries due to receive the second dose in July, and so far, only about six lakh of them received it, according to the Cowin portal. Over six lakh doses were given to the State during the past three days, and half were second.

Former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram said Odisha had reported 24 of 30 districts running out of vaccines, he tweeted and reiterated these points at a press conference.

The bulk of India’s vaccine supply continues to be Covishied, with only 4.7 of the 38 crores so far administered constituting Covaxin.

The government had earlier projected that Bharat Biotech would scale up production to 6-7 crore doses from July-August and ten crore doses a month from September. These work out to at least 52 crore doses from July-December, of which 40 crores are certain from September to December.

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