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Universal pass for entry at a public place in Maharashtra

Universal pass for entry at a public place in Maharashtra

The Portal will be linked with the Co-Win Portal to verify the information related to the vaccine doses.

Chief minister Uddhav Thackeray announced to start local train travel for all entire vaccination people in MMR from August 15. The state government has begun preparations for Portal, which will allow the commuters to register.

The Portal will be linked with the Centre’s Co-Win portal to verify the information related to vaccine doses, making the system proof and enabling the government to use it to access the holder at other public places such as government offices, malls, and theatres, and markets.

The Portal, expecting to begin its dry run in a day or two, will be linked with the Co-Win exit for verification. Once both the portals integrate, the holders will be issued a QR code embedded universal pass to obtain their tickets or season tickets.

an official from Mantralaya said 

“We have evolved the system to verify the credentials of the holder as we did not want to rely only on the copy of the vaccination certificate, which can easily be faked. Once the registration is done on the Maharashtra government portal, the information will be verified using the application information interface linked with Co-Win and will be certified back to the state portal. The user will then get a link to take a selfie and upload back to the Portal for the generation of the universal pass,” 

According to the state government data, MR comprises three districts and has 2,453,494 fully vaccinated people as of Monday. Mumbai has 1,960,495 fully vaccinated people, while in Thane, Raigad, and Palghar, fully vaccinated people are 982,498, 213,560, and 83,331, respectively.

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The pass will be certified proof of the person being fully vaccinated. “The QR code on it could be verified by the authorities, including ticket collectors at Railway stations, using mobile cameras in smartphones. They will not have to have any separate mechanism for it. Once proved successful for the issuance of the railway tickets, the universal passes so issued can be utilised for the verification of the fully vaccinated people for relaxations to be given at other public places including malls, markets among others,” the official said.

The Central and Western Railway has started their discussions to implement the universal pass with the Maharashtra government. Meetings between the railway authorities and state government officials happened on Monday as well. The railway authorities are tight-lipped on how the universal pass with QR code will be implemented but have stated that all concerns are being raised with the state government.

A detailed travel Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for passengers and information regarding universal passes will likely be made public by Wednesday. “Inspection of the passes and checking on the entry and exit of the railway stations would have to be done. We are discussing all possible scenarios as to how the universal pass can be introduced for passengers. Discussions on how railway staff including ticket checkers, Railway Protection Force(RPF) personnel will be involved in crowd control is also being done.” said a senior railway official who did not want to be named.

Associations of passengers have welcomed the move and have stated that SOP should be executed immediately.

Subhash Gupta, president, Rail Yatri Parishad Said

“We welcome the decision to allow vaccinated passengers to travel by local trains. We had been demanding for a long time. The state government and railways should immediately issue SOP,” 

Officials of state government held many meetings with the officials from Railways and have arrived at the consensus to evolve the system.

An official from the CM office said.

“We have taken care to simplify it to make it feasible. For example, since it is not possible to check the credentials of the commuter at the ticket window due to crowding, we are issuing the universal pass which can be easily checked by the TCs at stations. This will encourage people for vaccination and the crowding in the train will increase gradually, only after the number of fully vaccinated people increase,” 

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