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US open land and air border after 20 months

US open land and air border after 20 months

The US is reopening its air and land borders to fully vaccinate foreign visitors against COVID-19 after 20 months of travel restrictions. However, getting vaccinated is a critical requirement for most international travelers wishing to enter the US.

Here are points for people to know who want to travel or enter the United States after reopening of the borders:

Children under 18 yrs of age are exempted from vaccination criteria.

Digital and paper documentation are acceptable for vaccination proof, and vaccine cards do not need to be in English.

Travelers should be prepared to certify the vaccination status and reason for travel. They should also be prepared to show proof of being fully vaccinated if requested by a CBP officer.

Children under age 18 traveling with vaccinated adults are exempt from the vaccination requirement.

People from more than 30 countries can now visit the USA.

Lifting the travel will affect more than 30 countries. But entry into the United States will not be unregulated: US authorities plan to monitor travelers' vaccination status closely and still require them to present negative Covid-19 tests.

From Monday, The United States will require air passengers to be fully vaccinated and be tested within three days before travel. Airlines will also be necessary to put in place a contact tracing system.

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Airlines to check for vaccination documents.

Airlines will check vaccination documentation for international travelers as they currently do for COVID-19 test results—the USA. Border Protection and Customs will ask if travelers have been vaccinated and spot-check some documentation at land border crossings.

Negative COVID-19 test mandatory

Air travelers also need a negative COVID-19 test. Testing is required of all full-vaccinated air travelers ages two and up, regardless of nationality. Passengers are required to test negative for COVID-19 within three days of their flight's departure for the United States.

Local restrictions in some cities still apply.

The United States is essentially wide open, although some state and local restrictions still apply.

For example, there are mask mandates in Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico also require masks in indoor public spaces.

In some cities, including New York and San Francisco, there are vaccine requirements for indoor public spaces, including restaurants, reported CNN.

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