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SANDUSKY, Ohio — A major anime convention is making its return

anime convention ohio resume 2021

SANDUSKY, Ohio — The biggest anime convention is making its return to northern Ohio.

Set up which was inside the convention center in the direction was everything of Victoria Albarn.

Albarn explained,

When you're at an airport, and there's the enormous overall crowd, and it's like 'go this way, go this way,' they're the signs that show like in every room, each area is, that way you will see exactly where you are.

The 25-year-old is the Convention Chair for Colossalcon, and a culture a friend introduced to her, and she's been in love with anime ever since she was a teenager.

Albarn continued,

And we sat on their computer and floor to watch this anime, and I was like, 'this is great! Love this!' I binged the rest of it without them, and then it just kind of went downhill from there. I was like, 'Oh, there's this whole category that no one's opened my eyes.

The most harrowing experience for everyone in 2020 that Covide-19 canceled this event, else Colossalcon allows every fan of anime and other cosplay to escape into the culture. 

anime convention japan 2016 Katyusha Girls und PanzerAt the Anime convention Japan 2016 in Tokyo on Saturday, March. 26, 2016. A costume cosplay dressed as the character Katyusha from Girls und Panzer poses for a photograph Image Courtesy: Getty Images
Albarn further said,

Albarn further said,

Not having a date that said, 'confirmed, everything will be good by this date, and you'll be back to usual by this date,' it was like, how will we support our community. That was the substantial problem. The individual all who use our shows or cons to make their living, how will you brace them when you don't have a locale for them to make their income?

The "Kent State University" graduate was in anime club all through high school and college before getting into the con. In 2021 The event is back, where Jessica Becker is one of the workers bringing the event to life.

Now, she is delighted to give fans a welcoming place.

Becker said,

As I grew old doing conventions and stuff, it was pleasurable to find other people who were also unabashedly not afraid to admit they liked anime. They enjoy video games, and they pay attention to K-Pop or C-Pop; I would not tell every individual that I wanted for the reason I was afraid of being made fun of it.

Albarn is just delighted to be back to doing what she loves. While at a reduced volume of 7,000, compared to the more than 20,000 the event usually draws, he later added,

Noticing a group of individuals in their cosplays, like, capturing photos and playing around and doing entire photoshoots, that's the part that I'm so excited about it. Because like, seeing people be like 'you!' and then 'you!' back is like, awesome!

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