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Original Shaman King Anime Finally Coming to Blu-ray

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The original Anime Shaman King anime will finally be coming to Blu-ray! Fans outside of Japan will have to wait a bit before they can check out this new anime series for themselves, but at least there will be a new way to check out the original anime.

Hiroyuki's Shaman King has come back enormously past these couple of years. The original manga series is finally making its way outside of Japan with an official English Dub release, but there has been a brand new Restart taken on the anime first released 20 years ago.

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The English dubbed series (released by 4Kids Entertainment) will feature the episodes edited for broadcast.

Discotek Media has set forth to release the original 64 episode series from 2003 on standard definition Blu-ray.
For anime fans hoping for a full uncut release of the Japanese category of the original anime series, Discotek Media confirmed that one would be on the way at a later date.

This anime category famously had to work up an original ending due to the manga's run coming to a shortened end. But years after, Takei returned to the anime series to complete it, and the complete version of the manga is what the restarted anime is now adapting in Japan.

The release date has not been set for Shaman King's Blu-ray debut, regrettably, but it'll be the first time all anime fans have been able to check out the series in the highest quality possible.

Regrettably, a concrete release date has yet to set, but current listings for the series revealed that it would be running for 52 episodes in total.
It may be airing new episodes as part of the Spring 2021 arranged, but later this year, it will be making its international debut with Netflix.

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It'll likely be broken up into multiple-episode releases for international territories, but we'll see. Until then, at least we all know the original anime series is going to come back.
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Shaman King anime from 20 years ago? Will you all be waiting on the uncut release of the Japanese original instead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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