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What is Deku's New Power Is and How He Has It?

What is Deku's New Power Is and How He Has It?

My Hero Academia: Deku has discovered something in his Quirk One For All that not even All Might knew about it, and it will require him to train in a whole new way to master the new power

The 5th season of Anime My Hero Academia has been a long series of all-out brawls between our usual supporters in U.A. High School's Class 1-A and the constantly sidelined heroes of Class 1-B. As a training exercise for practicals, this Joint Combat Training exercise has been a chance to see many new Quirks in action for the first time and see new developments from all of our favorites characters. It's been interesting to see the ways all the heroes in training have grown.

No one was ready, though, for the biggest surprise of all: in the final round of training, That Izuku Midoriya seems to have acquired a new power entirely.

Deku started the series by inheriting the most powerful Quirk One for All from All Might, and he was training hard to get it under control ever since. He was unable to use One for All without causing himself damage in the process. Midoriya has come a long way, learning powerful techniques like Full Cowl and the finger-flicking Delaware Smash to lighten the collateral damage by One For All on his body. Moreover, in Episode 98, "That Which Is Inherited," Deku accidentally discovers a surprising part of his Quirk that not even its previous successor All Might saw coming, and it will require a whole new kind of training to master.

The new power is an entire Quirk of its own named "Blackwhip." We know this because, while he got sent to the world of All For One, where the psyche of the former owners of the Quirk resides, Blackwhip's original user rises to Midoriya and tells him a bit about the Quirk. According to Blackwhip's user, his Quirk quietly folded and gaining power from the "core." of One For All, and it's not the only one. Every natural Quirk from Deku's successor lies dormant inside One For All, indisputably giving Midoriya access to six new powers in total.

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my hero academia midoriyaImage via ytv

Black whip takes the form of tendrils of dark energy coming out from Midoriya's figures. When released, these tendrils of Blackwhip spread far enough for everyone reach in training to see and violently snap back and forth, quickly destroying the training grounds around him. Black whip also seems able to hook onto things, at one point keeping Deku suspended in mid-air after the tendrils of dark energy stop moving and stiff up, still attached to the various pipes and walls of the battleground. All of this is quite Fatel currently, as Midoriya seems to have no control over Blackwhip, and if Uraraka and Shinso hadn't calmed him down, he would have likely put all of his friends in danger.

That means that Izuku Midoriya will need to focus on his emotional strength more than ever before, which is an impressive development for him as the main Hero. When it came to mastering his Quirk One For All, it essentially meant strengthening his body to withstand his immense power. Now, though, Deku will need to work on his mental endurance, learning to clutch his emotions without letting them control him. No more rage-filled berserk that ends in visits to Recovery Girl's office - Midoriya will have to master his body and his mind from now on. It's an exciting development for our fledgling Hero, and it will be fun to see My Hero Academia move on to a new chapter in Midoriya's character arc, finally rewarding him for growing on the inside and the outside.

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