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Ananya Panday got treated like an intern

Ananya Panday got treated like an intern

Ananya Panday got treated like an intern on Star vs. Food; the chef asked her, 'don't you visit gym everyday?'

Ananya Panday was in a rude shock on Star vs. Food, as she made an effort to bake some of the dishes for her parents but got told that her food looked like 'sh*t's by the chef.

Actor Ananya Panday was in a rude shock in the latest episode of Star vs. Food when she was going through the paces by a chef.

Ananya came on the show to do something special for her parents, Chunky Panday and Bhavana Pandey but soon realized that she'd bitten off more than she could chew.

Ananya Panday met pastry chef Freny Fernandes, who told her that they'd be making one sweet dish and one savory dish for her parents and friend, The photographer Rohan Shrestha.

She said that she expects Ananya Panday to perform like any sous chef or intern in the kitchen, and not a single item that doesn't meet her level would be allowed to go away from the kitchen.

After Ananya Panday struggled to mix up some batter and said that she was on the verge of falling over,

The chef asked,

"Don't you go to the gym every day?

Ananya said,

" In a piece on camera,

"I thought I have fit thanks to everyone the exercise, but my biceps did not come in handy at all."

The chef wasn't impressed with her conveying skills and called her work 'sh*t's on several times, which Ananya didn't cherish.

She said,

"Unme Gordon Ramsay ka ghost aagaya (she got possessed by the spirit of Gordon Ramsay). I'm falling apart, the chef is becoming meaner and meaner as the day passes, and my sentiments are getting hurt."

Ananya asked the chef,

"Are you ever happy? You've really not said 'amazing' for anything yet."

The chef replied,

"Because I haven't seen anything amazing yet."

After baking, Ananya's parents and Rohan came by the dessert bar to try out the food.

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Ananya said,

"I hope my parents like it because they're very critical, even about my films. They always give me intense feedback,"

Chunky jigged his way in and said,

"She and her mother have never cooked anything for me. But she has cooked up some nice stories and told me, but never food."

Bhavana added,

"I have no expectations, truthfully. And I can't say much because I do not cook. So who am I to judge? But I'll still judge."

And she did not seem all that impressed with the savory item and got reserved in her praise. But the chef was pleased with Ananya's efforts and said that she was delighted with her.

The new season of Star vs. Food has already featured Janhvi Kapoor and Anil Kapoor as guests. The latest episode will go live on discovery+ on Thursday.

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