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Kannada TV actor dies after fat-free surgery

Kannada TV actor dies after fat-free surgery

Kannada YouTube video maker and television actress Chethana Raj (22) died after reportedly developing complications owing to a 'fat-free' plastic surgery. The deceased's family members have complained to the center where the plastic surgery was conducted.

As per police sources, Chethana was admitted to the Shetty's Cosmetic Centre in Rajajinagar for plastic surgery, but after she developed complications, she was shifted to Kaade hospital. But she died soon after as her lungs were filling with water and she could not breathe, the police said.

Chethana's father, Govind, said: "My daughter had asked me for permission to undergo a fat-free surgery. However, I declined to give permission and told her that such a surgery was unnecessary. But she went ahead with the surgery and died owing to negligence."

Govind asked.

"How did the centre conduct surgery without taking consent from the parents or guardians?"

Meanwhile, Kaade hospital submitted a report to Basaveshwaranagar police alleging that doctors from Shetty's Cosmetic Centre threatened their staff.

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In the report, Kaade hospital authorities said, "Around 5.30 pm on Monday, one doctor named Melvin, an anesthetist, barged into Kaade hospital with an unresponsive patient (found later) disregarding.

All protocols of the hospital threatened the security for stopping him and took (the patient) directly inside (the) Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and demanded doctors to treat the patient and indicated that she had suffered a cardiac arrest."

The report further stated,

"No patient file or doctor's recommendatory notes or any other document depicting her condition was produced to us. On checking the patient, she was found to have 'No Pulse' and on the insistence of Dr Melvin and team, CPR was initiated and after trying for approximately 45 minutes the patient could not be revived as it appeared that she was Brought Dead. Our doctors were forced to toe the line of Dr Melvin and team with threats and though they were aware that the patient was Brought Dead they were coerced into declaring (that she died) only at 06:45 pm, for the reasons best known to them."

The Kaade hospital management said it might file a formal complaint against Shetty's Cosmetic Centre doctors.

The post-mortem of Chethana's body was conducted at the MS Ramaiah hospital, and the report is awaiting, said a police officer.

Speaking on Chethana's death, a senior plastic surgeon at a private hospital in Bengaluru said: "Medically there is no term called fat-free surgery. However, it is called liposuction, the most common surgery used to remove fat in the body. This is the most sought-after surgery among people who despite working out are not able to remove the fat in certain parts of the body. This surgery is not intended to reduce weight but helps in contouring the body. The most common side-effects could be bruises on parts of the body and also fluid accumulation. The side-effects vary from person to person, depending upon the amount of fat removed and the medical condition of the patients."

He also added that

"the surgery should be carried out with utmost safety after understanding the medical history of the patient."

Chethana had acted in serials like Geetha, Doresani, and Olavina Nildana.

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