Dog stops cricket match by showing fielding skills

Dog stops cricket match by showing fielding skills

In a humorous incident, a cricket match was temporarily interrupted when a dog entered the ground, picked up the ball, and ran around on the field, catching the eye witness off-guard.

During an Irish domestic women game played between Bready and CSNI, the four-legged furry creature entered the area with a leash, picked up the ball, and sprinted around the ground, much to everyone's amusement.

Dog stops cricket match by showing fielding skills 1image from Twitter :@csnicc

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This incident took place in the ninth over of CSNI's innings. Chasing 74 runs to win in a rain-effected match of 12-over, batter Abbi Leckey dabbed the ball just behind the wicketkeeper. The fielder at the short third-man ran towards the ball square on the offside, picked up the ball, turned it around, and threw it back to the keeper. As soon as she tossed the ball, the cameraman caught the dog's first sight.


Rachel Hepburn Wicketkeeper collected the ball and had shy at stumps, only to miss the stumps. And then when the dog, with a leash, decided to produce sight of its fielding skill. Then the dog picked the ball and ran in all its might as the event triggered laughs and smiles from everyone involved, including commentators and fielders.

Just then, a spectator arrived on a scene, possibly the dog's owner, and gave a pet chase. Soon enough, the dog going across towards the batter at the non-striker's end, where it received strokes from Aoife Fisher and finally decided to let go of the ball.

While instances of animals bringing the play to a temporary halt are not new, this one promises to have its place. Numerous times have dogs halted play briefly, but it's safe to say that a dog never provided this kind of entertainment on a cricket ground.

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