Top 5 Foreign Films Ruling The Box Office

Top 5 Foreign Films Ruling The Box Office

Top 5 Foreign Films, Ruling The Box Office, with the shocking hits out of the blue.

1. Shang-Chi:

Top 5 Foreign Films Ruling The Box Office1

Shang-Chi is one of the surprise superhits of this season. Not many know the arrival of this movie, but it had opened with magnificent crowds. Not only the urban populace, but this movie is doing well in the B and C Centers.
A foreign movie ruling the regional box office and standing in top position once in a while happens under heavy publicity and boost conditions. But this Marvel's Sang Chi is a shocking hit out of the blue.

2. Fast and Furious 9:

Top 5 Foreign Films Ruling The Box Office2

Fast and Furious nine is a Hollywood venture standing in position#2 this week at the regional box office despite not doing extensive collections compared to its previous version.
The younger crowds patronized the film for its heavy action part.
The pre-release publicity from a pretty long time added to the business on the whole despite resistance from the public from coming out to the theatres.

3. Dear Megha:

Top 5 Foreign Films Ruling The Box Office3

Dear Megha is the third film in line, which could garner reasonable collections.
Though a small film with not so big stars, the actress Megha Akash playing the title role, pulled the crowds to the theatre considerably.
The teenage crowds are the reason for the response at theatres.

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4. 101 Jillala Andagadu:

Top 5 Foreign Films Ruling The Box Office4

101 Jillala Andagadu is a much-hyped film that couldn't attract the crowds up to the expectations.
Promising writer and actor Srinivas Avasarala is a reason for paying attention to this film, but what gets expected is not seen, resulting in a weak talk at the end of the first day.
Had it been a nonstop laugh riot, it could have received a far better result.

5. Sridevi Soda Center:

Top 5 Foreign Films Ruling The Box Office5

Sridevi Soda Center is a well-publicized film that entered the second week and continuing in the fifth position about collections.
The film made based on honor killing, though beaten in concept, could stand up as a reasonably well-made film. The theatrical business for this film gets almost done.

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