Women Tackle 2 yr old baby runs into Soccer field during a game

Women Tackle 2 yr old baby runs into Soccer field during a game

During the second half of a soccer match in Ohio,

A 2-year-old ran onto the field but Women Tackle 2 yr baby.

A US mother's soccer match outing had an unexpected twist when her toddler ran out to the field right in the middle of the game. But what turned her into an internet sensation was the way she leaped onto the pitch herself and 'tackled' the kid, delighting netizens around the globe.

Morgan Tucker from Ohio took her son Zaydek to his first soccer game between FC Cincinnati and Orlando City FC recently. Sitting near the fence, the mother-son duo was cheering for their favorite team when the 2-year-old decided he wanted some real action.

According to ABC News, about 70 minutes into the game, the young mother said she had just turned her head for one second when the little one

"slid under a fence and ran onto the field."

Women Tackle 2 yr old baby runs into Soccer field during a game 1getty image

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The camera at the stadium captured the moment when the Women Tackle 2 yr baby and grabbed him up to return to the stands, making the scenario even more comical.

Major League Soccer wrote while sharing the hilarious moment.

"We hope the mother and her young pitch invader are having a great day," 

Tucker told Good Morning America.

"When I slide and tackled him, I did not feel any pain but the next day I was sore for sure," 

Luckily, the boy or the mother was not hurt, and their actions didn't interrupt the game.

After returning to their seats, when the woman asked her child why he jumped off the fence onto the field, the toddler had the most innocent reply. "'Mom, soccer ball,'" Tucker said about her son.

"He was really in the game and when the players would go to the other side of field, he was not happy, so he wanted them to be there with him."

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