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5 Must Do Treks in Himachal and Himalayas Post-Pandemic

himalaya view snow himahal mountain trek

I am a city girl that went "soul searching" to the mountains like many others. Oh well, I will accept if not my soul. After 3 years of living the most wished upon the life, I realised who I was and realized that a lot of me belongs to the city.

While I lived there, treks and new friends were a significant part of my existence apart from my 9-5 job on weekdays at a local animal rescue shelter. There was a lot inside me that I was fighting in terms of my relations with people, my past, and myself, and only one thing helped me feel anywhere close to achievement, fulfillment, and satisfaction. That was my weekend runaways to the forests and mountains searching for well, my soul and peace.

Through my 3 year-long adventure, these were my favourite and most fulfilling treks. Which not only made me feel one with myself but with nature as well.

Below are Treks in Himachal and Himalayas  

1. Tosh 

Tosh trek house mountain sky Himalaya HimachalBeautiful valley view with house in middle. Treks in Himachal and Himalaya

At 2399m life felt different. I was lost in how beautifully the sky met the tip of the tallest mountain visible in Parvati Valley range. The night I spent in Tosh, I was not able to sleep, I could see with my bare eyes the entire galaxy, and there are moments of the night painted in my head like art on Canvas.

Tosh Valley trek is definitely a must-do-once adventure. Tosh, its lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains, beautiful flora and fauna and breathtaking waterfalls, makes it a magnificent place for you to explore the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

Tosh Valley, is home to the tributary of the river Parvati - River Tosh, its ounbounded beauty will leave you mesmerized and in love with Himachal Pradesh, because I sure did fall in love.

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2. Triund

Triund trek Himachal Himalaya tea viewHikers drinking tea in their trek. Treks in Himachal and Himalayas

On this day we planned to go on a short morning hike to a waterfall, only to realise 1 hour down the road that we took the wrong lane at the base and were now on the way to Triund.

Always being on our bucket list, we took the plunge with one jacket on and not the best shoes to do an actual trek but weconitued to follow the trail.
This trek has a lot to offer - an enchanting view of the Dhauladhar range as well as the Kangra valley, the snow glittering in the sunlight, the bright colours of the wild rhododendrons popping out, exploration of the forest amidst massive pine and oak trees, and most importantly, the closeness to nature that makes any trip to the mountains so special.

The total distance of the Triund trek is 9 km (5.6miles) which e covered in
6 hours.

3. Kareri Lake

Kareri lake mountain view trekSerene Kareri Lake shadowed by Dhauladhar Range. Treks in Himachal and Himalaya

I am a considerably slow trek buddy to have. 1 night of staying at a local Himachali's house and 2 full days (8hours) of walking is what it took for me to reach Kareri Lake.

At 2,950 m is a freshwater lake located amidst mountains with greenery and a few very friendly mountain dogs. Kareri lake is a glacial lake shadowed by the Dhauladhar Ranges. The dense forests consisting of huge pine and oak trees, the green moss covering the boulders around which the streams flow their way, and the spurts of flowers shooting out here and there is what this trek has in store.

The lake itself offers to the takers a stunning view of the Dhauladhars, reflected in its surface. This beautiful adventure starts from a small village above Mcleodganj named Dharamkot.

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4. Malana

Malana trek house green mountain HimalayaBeautiful Mountain house in Malana. Treks in Himachal and Himalaya

I did hear a lot about Malana, its people, culture and customs before I went there. People in the village believe they are the descendants of Alexander The Great. Well, I also did hear about how they do not touch or make any physical contact with people outside of their village, which was true in some cases but the kids were fun and played. Though the adults are staunch believers in their customs, they are kind and very hospitable.

Reaching Malana at 2650m we find 

that it sure is an escape and a very famous spot amongst hipsters. 

  One does not feel as much of an effort until the downhill in the initial part of the 5 hour long trek ends but it hits when the uphill begins. Surrounded by lush, green trees and incredible valleys, making it apt for those who love the nature in its truest essence. The village is bordered by Parvati valley and Kullu valley on the either side.  

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5. Kheerganga

kheerganga trek hike greenHikrer enroute in their journey to Kheerganga. Treks in Himachal and Himalayas

At 2950 m lies a blissful hot spring that made my entire 8 hour long very tedious,most fun filled trek worth it all. I was here one weekend in cold November though the temperature at Kheerganga varies across the year.

The weather can get chilly cold in the winters, with snow covering the landscape in glittering snow while it can go up to 45 degrees during the days in summers in May. You can choose to takeup the trek at any time of the year as per your weather preference as the trek is an attractive prospect in all weathers. This is a 26 km long trek, and the terrain remains a gentle incline or decline throughout, though it does get very steep in certain parts.

With its promise of hot springs and a splendid view of the Himalayas and the Parvati Valley, this trek attracts people from all over the country. It is a pocket-friendly trip, its base, Barshaini is located only 3 hours' drive away from Manali.

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