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Glamping: Top 6 Glamorous Camping Sites in India

gamping camping india serai jaisalmer

What is Glamping?

If you've stayed in a cabin, or luxury tent recently, you're part of a growing community of glampers. Glamping, short for glamorous camping, describes a style of camping with luxurious amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with traditional camping.

It has become a mainstay of outdoor recreation over the past decade. If your essentials list contains things such as a real mattress, running water, or an actual toilet, then you sure are a Glamper.

How is glamping different from camping

You can find numerous options that bridge the gap between traditional camping and glamping. Camping as a term arises in parallel with adventure. You may have a backpack, a tent, some simple rations, a pair of sturdy boots, water, and a sleeping bag or a hammock.

For a glamper, this may seem like very few amenities and extremely underequipped. though a camper will be satisfied and content with all the basic being fulfilled.

Where can I Glamp in India?

Here's a list for the top 6 glamping sites in India

1. Tree House Resort, Jaipur

glamping camping india tree house camp

As kids, we only read about treehouses and imagined what it would be like to live in one like the character of a comic book.

Who knew we'd have an opportunity to live in one! Largest of its kind in the world, the Tree House Resort located at Nature’s Farm 30 minutes drive away from Jaipur City as glamping site.

It takes you into nature wishing to never return. With air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and all the other parts of an urban life that you’ll find in luxury hotel rooms, the “nests” – each named after a bird found in the area. There are two restaurants named Machan and Peacock. While the former serves Indian, Chinese, and European food, head to the latter to get intoxicated on local and imported liquors in an unhurried ambiance.

2. Serai, Jaisalmer

gamping camping india serai jaisalmer 1

Spending the night in a desert as you look up to a starlit sky with your loved ones by your side is everyone's dream.

The Serai glamping is located amidst the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. It has a carnivalesque ambiance, reminiscent of the days when Rajput warrior princes used to camp amidst the desert on their royal detour.

Being rated as one of the finest luxury camping sites with a rejuvenating spa parlor, the Serai, Jaisalmer is set amidst 100 acres of desert land that will transport you to an Arabian Night's ambiance.

The dining experience at The Serai reverberates with the eclectic tastes of Rajputana and an exquisite selection of menus made with homegrown farmed produce.

3. Paros by Amarya, Goa

glamping camping india Paros by amarya goa

Soaking in the tropical mood of Goa as you sit by the beach with your sun-kissed cocktail glasses is perfect getaway glamping.

Paros by Amarya with its cream canvas tents and Portuguese setting offer serene and an offbeat vibe in the otherwise touristy Goa.

The highlights of the tent are not the iPod deck, air conditioning, or the Wi-Fi but the sight of the turtles on the pristine golden sands and alfresco dinner beneath the star shining brightly overhead. The luxurious accommodation inside the elegant tents features an artful mix of modern and antique Indian decorative touches, hand-woven fabrics, and hand-crafted wooden furniture recycled from old fishing boats (amongst other things).

This beach-side camp is truly one of the most romantic glamping sites in India.

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4. Grassroots, Wayanad, Kerala

glamping camping india grassroots wayanad kerala

Kerala, its culture, and coconut trees. What better way to explore it all than cycling around the area near Grassroots in Wayanad as you are glamping.

The property arranges for free-of-cost bamboo raft riding, bird watching tours, and village lunches and walks. Isolated, hidden, and camouflaged well within the green, amidst the sleepy corners of the not-so-touristy Wayanad, Grassroots offer a luxurious stay as close to nature as it gets but with all the trappings of urban life.

From the inside, the camps are as plush and elegant as a five-star hotel suite could get. Leathered chairs with sitting, iron wrought beds with comfortable sleeping, and state-of-the-art amenities make sure that you have one of the finest experiences of glamping in India.

A private porch area allows you to sit and gulp your hot cup of coffee as you behold the verdant coffee plantation, perched on the top of a hill overlooking a river below.

5. Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

glamping camping india glenburn Tea Estate Darjeeling

Darjeeling represents serene, peaceful, and beautiful in every way and is extremely underrated. But if you happen to visit, don't miss Glenburn Tea Estate's idyllic location in the verdant county of Darjeeling in West Bengal for Glamping.

It is a place where you could really claim that you are away from the “crowd.” This picturesque tea estate overlooking the mighty Kanchendzonga peak of the Himalayas offers one of the finest glamping experiences in India. The plush suites offer an awe-inspiring view of the towering Himalayas and the lush countryside fringed with tea gardens.

When in Glenburn’s Tea Estate Gamping, just don’t stay, learn how to make and brew the tea that you love, spot the birds and the bees, head off to the secluded lodge with our beloved to have lamp-lit dinner, or just amble around fishing trouts, glamping at Glenburn Tea Estate will truly take your breath away.

6. The Ultimate Travelling Camp – Chamba Camp, Thiksey

Glamping camping india Chamba Camp Thiksey

Thiksey has been known by monks and avid travelers for its monasteries and peoples will learn about Tibetan Buddhism brought them here, but who knew that Thiksey, Ladakh will be known for its glamping culture.

It is one of the most surreal and ultimate places to travel in India. With a culture immersed in Tibetan Buddhism, lofty monasteries, stunning high-altitude lakes, and some of the highest motorable roads in the world, Ladakh is one of the places of a lifetime to be visited in India.

The stark terrain, patches of green, and colorful prayer flags give the most awe-inspiring colors to the otherwise unique landscape of this upper Himalayan kingdom.

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