India's first steel slag road built in this Gujarat city

India's first steel slag road built in this Gujarat city

Waste steel can prove to be a more durable and cost-effective way of making roads in the future. In India's first such use case of waste steel, a road has been constructed using waste steel in Surat at the Hazira industrial area.

It is India's first-ever 'steel slag road,' built by ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India with central Road Research Institute (CRRI) and CSIR India (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), and government think tank Niti Aayog.

Steel slag road is built with 100 percent processed steel slag, aggregating in all layers of bituminous roads at Hazira, Surat.

the company said.

"We are happy to facilitate a roadmap for the National Highway development. It's a proud moment to be a part of this prestigious project that uses 100 per cent processed steel slags in all layers,"

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The company also appreciated the sincere support from the Steel Ministry and the Ministry of Transport.

CSIR is working on new technologies, including slag aggregates, reclaimed asphalt, waste plastic, crumb rubber, marginal and composite materials for building long-lasting roads.

Why steel slag?

The disposal of steel slag is a significant concern for steel industries as it is considered a waste material. The removal of metallurgical and metal-processing waste in landfills is particularly hazardous. Processed steel slag aggregate exhibits great potential for natural construction material replacement. Methodology to crush the steel slag in suitable aggregate sizes is being provided to steel industries.

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