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Mumbai Nagpur Expressway toll to pay as per Km Basis

Mumbai Nagpur Expressway toll to pay as per Km Basis

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC), constructing India’s longest entry-controlled Expressway between Mumbai and Nagpur, has proposed a toll charge of ₹1,212 as one-way for light motor vehicles like cars and jeeps. The span between Mumbai and Nagpur is 701 kilometers. Interestingly, the toll will be charged based on the km one wants to travel. For instance, if someone travels between Mumbai and Nashik or Aurangabad, vehicles will be charged ₹1.73 per km.

The MSRDC plans to open the Nagpur-Aurangabad stretch of the Expressway by March or April and the entire distance by the end of the year.

Chandrakant Pulkundwar, joint managing director, shared details, “We have proposed the toll rates after discussion and approval from the state government. However, a gazette will officially notify the offer toll rates a few days before opening the Expressway. The toll rates that we have offer will be for 701 km, and the proposed rates are based on per km.”

Additionally, according to the toll rates list, the second category is light commercial, light goods, or minibus. The one-way toll rate between Mumbai and Nagpur will be charged at ₹2.79 per km, down to ₹1,955. The third group is a bus or truck (two axles), for which ₹5.85 per km will be charged, a total up to ₹4,100.

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The remaining three classes are heavy vehicles that include three-axle commercial vehicles for which ₹6.38 per km, followed by ₹9.18 per km, will be charged for mobilizing heavy construction machinery. The last category is oversized vehicles or multi axles (seven or more axles); the toll per km is ₹11.17, which means ₹7,830 between Mumbai and Nagpur.

The whole stretch between Mumbai and Nagpur will have 26 booths, and the MSRDC has recently floated bids for appointing an agency for toll collection agency on the Expressway.

As per the regular daily traffic study, the daily vehicle usage has been divided into more than 20 sections. The highest volume of traffic is anticipated between Mumbai and Nashik.

As per the study, around 150,000 vehicles are expected to ply between Mumbai and Nashik using the Mumbai Nagpur Expressway by 2025. The MSRDC has also listed 23 categories of vehicles listed as VIP vehicles. They will be exempted from paying tolls using the Mumbai Nagpur Expressway, also known as Hindu Hridaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg.

MSRDC aims to make the entire Expressway between Mumbai and Nagpur operational by December 2022. However, it seeks to make the Nagpur to Aurangabad stretch functional by March or April, and further, by December, the Expressway will be made operational in phases. However, due to COVID lockdown, there are chances of a three-month delay in making the entire Expressway functional.

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