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Workation - To Actually Focus on Increased Productivity

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Workations are vacations that allow you to work remotely while integrating elements of leisure that let you unwind, relax and actually be more productive. Essentially it is taking a break from your usual place of work, but not from the work itself.

Stuck in a 9-5 corporate job, where the only freedom you get is to work from anywhere you wish? Well, a workation was invented for you.

It is an effective way to give yourself the needed boost of productivity and motivation. It also aids spur creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Research taught us that surroundings affect how people think and see things thus the more extreme environment changes are, the better chances are that you will come up with unique and innovative ideas and solutions.

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Here is how you can have a Productive Workation

1. Stick with like-minded people

While on a workation, you must take your "I am at work" mood with you. It is always more motivating to have people with similar goals or intentions as you, this will not only help you not only to stay focused but also not let you deviate from your path.

If you go alone on a workation, Surround yourself with like-minded people during your work hours. For example, if you visit a place check if there's any co-working or cafe space you can go to. Ideally, you could also find accommodation in a hostel with a co-working space.

 2. Choose your accommodation wisely

Your accommodation will play an essential role when it comes to your productivity. So, before you book your stay, go through this simple checklist to make sure it's suitable for working for a workation

The bare minimum:

❏ Good internet connectivity

❏ A desk to sit and work at

❏ An ideally ''quiet'', ''peaceful'', ''calm'' (read the reviews!)

❏ Heating/air conditioning that you can use for your comfort (room temperatures matter when you need to focus)

❏ A coffee shop or a similar place nearby for when you want to change your setting (for creative workers)

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3. Establish a routine

From day one, set yourself a schedule and stick to it throughout your workation. As much as everyone dreads and tends to deviate from a routine it is indeed the tried and tested best way to get work done. Consistency in productivity is essential and will be achieved only from following a routine in our daily lives. Having a regular schedule every day helps us stay organized, plan our time more effectively, and avoid pushing things off later.

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4. Do not hop locations

Traveling during a workation not only takes time but also requires a lot of energy. also considering every time you arrive at a new destination, you have to start everything from scratch, like settling in, getting well versed with the surrounding areas, people, and cafes. Trying to establish a new routine and place of work will not only deviate your focus from work but also reduce your productivity as your mind is constantly settling in and out. Thus it is ideal to not keep moving during a workation.

If it is a short workation trip that lasts anywhere between 4-8 days, then the first two days, you might feel a bit out of place and will need some time to get in the flow of a new environment and schedule. By the end of the trip, you sure will establish a routine, and the last two days will be the most productive of the entire time.

Your workation will teach you how much change mere focus can bring in your productivity at work. As American podcaster, author and entrepreneur Tim Ferris said 


Focus on being productive instead of busy.


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