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Free power in Uttarakhand AAP’s assure

Free power in Uttarakhand AAP’s assure

Free power in Uttarakhand AAP’s assure

Both the ruling parties BJP and the Congress have called AAP’s poll promise of free power supply up to 300 units to consumers a political stunt.

Before state assembly elections in 2022, a free electricity supply seems to have emerged as a famous poll promise in Uttarakhand.

Delhi CM and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal’s assure of free electricity supply of up to 300 units each to all the households may have been brushed aside as a “political gimmick” by both the ruling parties Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress, both the parties have made similar promises already.

State power minister Harak Singh Rawat recently announced a free power supply of up to 100 units to all households. Former Cheif Minister and national general secretary of Congress

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Harish Rawat had said, way back in 2019, that if voted to power in 2022, Congress would provide free electricity of up to 100 units in the first year, followed by 200 units of free energy from the second year of the five-year tenure.

On Sunday, Kejriwal also added that AAP would also ensure 24-hr electricity supply to all the households and free supply to the farmers. He also promised to waive all the pending electricity bills.

Experts said with its announcement, AAP got the reaction it wanted. Professor of political science and Political expert in Garhwal Central University in Srinagar, Pauri Garhwal, MM Semwal, said, “AAP, which is still very new in the state the political scenario of Uttarakhand made such an announcement to become the talk of town ahead of elections. And they succeeded very well in that.”

Semwal said 

“Whether they win the elections in 2022 is a different matter, but they have got the attention of the people and both the major parties that were earlier calling it irrelevant in the state politics. They have started a debate on the free power issue in state with the people talking about it now,” 

Political analyst SMA Kazmi said,

“Kejriwal’s announcement was a very well thought move with months left for the next assembly elections...He has actually done that in Delhi where people are getting free water and free power supply up to 200 units.”
Meanwhile, Congress and BJP tried to downplay the announcement.

Congress state president Pritam Singh said,

“Kejriwal made the announcement because he knows AAP has no political ground in the state. Hence, he made it before the elections which is just a political gimmick. People of Uttarakhand are smart enough not to get trapped in such lucrative promises.”

On whether his party has a similar promise for the electorate, he said,

“The Congress will make only those promises which it can fulfil after winning. Not like AAP [without any proper analysis].”

BJP state president Madan Kaushik too termed AAP irrelevant and said,

“Their false promises won’t benefit in Uttarakhand where people are well aware. AAP did nothing in the state politics and is making such promises with the hope to get some votes. Both AAP and Congress would be rejected by the people in 2022.”

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