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5000 refugees to be taken by the UK this year: UK PM

5000 refugees to be taken by the UK this year: UK PM

UK government said it would take 5,000 Afghan refugees people by the current year, first children and women, as administrator packed Parliament on Wednesday for a heated emergency debate on UK response to Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan country.

UK Prime Minister, who has come under fire for the chaotic turn of events in Afghanistan, said a new "generous" refugee settlement scheme would allow up to 20,000 unsafe Afghans to seek sanctuary in the UK in years.

Johnson said the UK would be working to unite the international community behind a "clear plan for dealing with the Taliban." The Prime Minister, the current president of the Group of Seven leading nations, said he was looking to convene leaders' meetings in the upcoming time.

Johnson speaks with US President Joe Biden and other world leaders in recent days said.

"We are very clear, and we have agreed that it will be a mistake for any nation to recognize any new system in Kabul prematurely."

He added.

"We will judge this system on the choices it makes and by its actions rather than its words,"

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Like a similar package for Syria in 2015, the refugee plan came under immediate attack from an administrator, who said it fell short of what was required, both in numbers and speed.

"The government has said 5,000 refugee will be conduct to migrate in UK these year in currently,"

Chris Bryant, a parliament member from the significant opposition Labour Party, said. "What are the other 15,000 refugee meant to do? Hang around or wait for execution?"

PM said British officials were doing all they can to evacuate the UK and Afghan citizens who helped British forces based in Afghanistan. The Taliban have not sought to disrupt the action.

Johnson told Parliament that affairs in Afghanistan have "unfolded faster than ever the Taliban predicted," but the Prime Minister denied that his government had been catching unawares.

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer said the Conservative government had to take its share of the responsibility for the crisis in Afghanistan.

He said.

"There's been major miscalculation of the resilience of the Afghan forces and a staggering complacency from our government about the Taliban threat,"

Like Biden, Johnson is facing criticism over Britain's hasty retreat from Afghanistan and its chaotic evacuation of British citizens and the thousands of Afghans it has employed over the past two decades.

Criticism has been particularly acute from veterans and the families of the 457 British troops. They died in the country while fighting there as part of the US-led Nato military operation.

Demonstrations are planned outside of Parliament to call for support for Afghans and their families.

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