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Airstrikes killed more than 200 Taliban Terrorists in Afghanistan

Airstrikes killed more than 200 Taliban Terrorists in Afghanistan

The Taliban on Sunday faced extensive casualties when Air Forces targeted their gatherings and hideouts in the city of Sheboygan, killing 200 members of the terrorist outfit, according to Afghan defense ministry officials.

#Details: More than 200 terrorist Taliban were killed in #Cheberghan city after Air Forces targeted their gathering and hideouts today evening. A large number of their weapons and ammunition and more than 100s of their vehicles were destroyed as a result of the airstrikes.

— Fawad Aman (@FawadAman2) August 7, 2021

The Taliban meet was targeted by a B-52 bomber in Shebergan city of Jawzjan province today evening at 6:30 pm.

#Breaking: Taliban’s gathering was targeted by B-52 in #Shebergan city, Jawzjan province today evening at 6:30 pm. The #terrorists have suffered heavy casualties as a result of US Air Forces #airstrike

— Fawad Aman (@FawadAman2) August 7, 2021

A Pakistani terrorist was arrested by Afghan forces on the border of Ghazni provincial center today. He was involved in terrorist activity and the killing of many residents.

The capital of Jawzjan province in north Afghanistan fell to the Taliban after week-long violent clashes with government forces on Saturday, a reported by Tolo news.

News agency of Afghan reported that strategic city of Sheberghan is second provincial capital to fall to Taliban in previous two days period.

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Local lawmakers criticized the Afghan Government for the security situation in Jawzjan and said it has remained indifferent to this matter. Such comes as 150 members of the public uprising forces arrived in Sheberghan to help other troops on the ground, on Friday, in media reports.

TOLO reported, On Friday, that the Taliban captured the capital of Nimroz province in the southwestern area of Afghanistan. Zaranj fell to the Taliban with no fight by government forces,

On Friday, In the UNSC meeting on Afghanistan, member states expressed worried about the worsening situation and called for a political settlement for an issue.

At present, the support for the Afghan Government and its forces is grown among the citizens in many areas. Religious scholars in Nangarhar province were donating blood to wounded Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. They expressed their help and support for ANDSF and pledged that they support the Afghan forces forever.

The USA also promised airstrikes to counter the Taliban after they withdraw from Afghan land.

30 Pakistani terrorists, all from Al-Qaeda members in the Indian Subcontinent, were killed because of US Air Force airstrikes in Lashkargah city, Helmand provincial center on Saturday, informed by ministry official Afghan defense.

However, the US Air Force picked out the Taliban's hideouts in the Kunduz provincial center's outskirts. The Taliban were suffering heavy casualties as a result of an airstrike.

Afghanistan's Permanent Representative to the UN, Ghulam M Isaczai, said that the Taliban receives aid from foreign fighters.

Isaczai said.

"In a deliberate act of misuse Taliban isn't alone. They're assisted by foreign fighters from transnational terrorist networks. Together they are threatening peace, security and stability in Afghanistan and also in our region and beyond,"

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