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China says Imposing sanctions on the Taliban will be worthless

China says Imposing sanctions on the Taliban will be worthless

On Tuesday, China said imposing sanctions on the Taliban in Afghanistan will prove worthless and encourage the international community to support positive developments in Afghanistan.

Wang Wenbin, China's foreign ministry spokesperson, said

"Afghanistan is an sovereign and independent country. The United States and allies should learn the lessons from history, reflect and act sensible on Afghanistan issues,"

"Imposing sanctions and pressure at every turn will not solve the problem and will only be counterproductive."

Wang responded to a report that said world leaders in the upcoming G7 meeting could examine new sanctions on the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The spokesperson added.

"The international community should motivate and promote the development situation in Afghanistan in a positive way, support peaceful reconstruction and improve well-being of people and enhance its position for independent development,"

Wang said.

"We should not let the disaster of individual countries making mistake, only to have Afghan people and international community, especially regional countries, foot the bill, be repeated,"

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China, which shared a border with Afghanistan, has sought to maintain friendly ties with the Taliban and has seized on the US pullback from the country to sharpen its criticism of Washington.

China and Russia are among the few countries to have kept their embassies open in Kabul after the Taliban swept to power earlier this month.

In Geneva, China's envoy to the UN Geneva said on Tuesday that the US army and allies' militaries should be held accountable for violating their alleged rights in Afghanistan.

"The US, UK, Australia, and other countries must be held accountable for the violation of human rights committed by their military in Afghanistan.

The evolution of this current session should cover this issue," China's UN envoy Chen Xu said at an emergency assembly of the UN Human Rights Council on Afghanistan.

Chen added.

"Under the banner of democracy and human rights, the US and other countries carry out military interventions in other sovereign states and impose their own model on countries with vastly different history and culture," he said. This has brought "great suffering,"

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