Elephants rest after a 300 mile long stroll

Elephants  herd walk rest forest

A herd of elephants trekked for 500kms from a natural reserve in Yunnan, across southeastern China, an odyssey that has captivated the country. These are a group of W.ild Asian elephants.

As claimed by Chinese media, the Yunnan forest fire brigade said, 

"A team of eight people tracked the elephants 24 hours a day, both on the ground and by drone from the air".

Chinese officials found the herd in a village around 90km southwest of Kunming city.


As per research, the Chinese Government sent out 410 emergency personnel, 374 vehicles, and 14 drones on Monday with about 2 tonnes of elephant food. This was done as a safety measure as they were causing mass destruction to the villages coming in their route. They broke into barns, stopped traffic on roads, and barged into private properties. They also fed on crops and plantations. This damage has costed china at least 6.8m yuan ($1.07m).


Wildlife authorities are struggling to understand why a group of 16 elephants went on the move last year. The herd has three calves, but while on this journey, one female of the female elephants gave birth to an offspring.


Authorities have marshaled high-end resources to keep track of the herd to avoid it from destroying or walking into residential areas

Experts have also mentioned that the herd has left to find a new habitat, while scientists and ecologists find this to be a rare phenomenon and cannot find an exact source as to why she decided to take the road. While biologists claim this to be a bigger problem than mere entertainment as the herd moving from their natural habitat means the natural habitat has degraded for some reason, yet to be found out.

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