Monday, 18 October 2021

Panjshir captured claimed by Taliban; Resistance leaders deny claims

Panjshir captured claimed by Taliban; Resistance leaders deny claims

The Taliban on Friday Panjshir captured claimed by Taliban and claimed that they had taken complete control of Afghanistan 'by the grace of Allah almighty, defeating the Panjshir resistance force,

Reuters reports said three Taliban sources.

"By grace of Allah Almighty, we are in control of whole Afghanistan. The troublemakers have been defeated, and Panjshir is now under our command," said one Taliban commander. However, Resistance leaders claimed that the fighting was still on.

While the forces have been clashing sporadically for the past two weeks, an intense clash between the Taliban and Resistance Front has continued for the last four days.

On Thursday night, the fight escalated, prompting former president Hamid Karzai to appeal to both the warring sides to stop clashing as more bloodshed is not of any service to Afghanistan and the Afghan people.

Amid the ongoing clash, reports claimed that Panjshir Resistance leader Amrullah Saleh has fled to Tajikistan. In a video, Amrullah Saleh clarified that he was still in Panjshir, and the clashes between the Resistance Front were ongoing.

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امرالله صالح، یکی از فرماندهان جبهه مقاومت، به طلوع‌نیوز می‌گوید که وی در پنجشیر است و هم اکنون نبردهای شدید میان جبهه مقاومت و گروه طالبان جریان دارد. #طلوع‌نیوز

— TOLOnews (@TOLOnews) September 3, 2021

A Twitter handle belonging to Panjshir leader Ahmad Massoud also claimed that the Panjshir conquest, circulating on Pakistan media, is a lie and false.

He wrote.

"Conquering Panjshir will be my last day in Panjshir, inshallah,"

Reports said that the Taliban joined hands with al-Qaida to attack the so-far impenetrable province of Afghanistan and Panjshir captured claimed by Taliban

Al Arabiya TV channel reported.

"Al-Qaida militant units are joining the Taliban in attacking Panjshir,"

Amrullah Saleh too corroborated al-Qaida's presence and said Panjshir is under the invasion of the Taliban and Pakistanis and al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. The former vice president earlier tweeted that the Taliban have blocked humanitarian services, including medicine in the valley. He also alleged that the Taliban forced innocent people of Panjshir to walk on minefields in the mountain.

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