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51 Killed in Train Accident in Sindh Pakistan

pakistan sindh train accident army 51 killed

Passenger trains crash in Sindh, Pakistan; Army called in, as 51 were killed.

The deadly accident took place when the Sir Syed Express was on the way from Rawalpindi to Karachi, coming from the other way, smashed into derailed coaches of the first train, a spokesperson of Pakistan Railways said.

Two train collisions in Pakistan's southern Sindh Province on Monday, leaving at least injuring 50 others and 30 people dead in the accident.

An express train drive into derailed coaches of another train, injuring over 100 others and killing up to 51 people in Pakistan's southern Sindh province on Monday,

That forced local authorities to call the Army and paramilitary forces for rescue operations in one of the terrible rail accidents in the country in recent years.

A city located in the Ghotki district of Upper Sindh. The Millat Express from Karachi to Sargodha derailed, and its coaches fell across the close-to-track near Dharki.

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The deadly accident happened when the Sir Syed Express from Rawalpindi to Karachi, coming from the other direction, crashed into derailed coaches of the first train, Pakistan Railways spokesperson says.

Fifty people, includes some railway officials, have lost their lives, Ghotki Deputy Commissioner Usman Abdullah quoted as saying by ARY News. By Late Night, the figure was updated to 51.

Over 100 persons were injured in an accident, officials said.

Ghotki SSP Umar Tufail said the figure may rise as there were still damaged train compartments, and the rescue team had not been able to access them despite the hours since the accident.

Paramilitary soldiers and rescue workers searched for victims after colliding between two trains in Ghotki, Pakistan, on June 7, 2021.

Ghotki SSP Umar Tufail said,

At least 25 people have severe injuries and are in critical condition,

Hospitals in Ghotki, Dharki, Obaro, and Mirpur Mathelo declared an emergency as injured were admitted and rushed in.

Senior officials said that 13 to 14 coaches were derailed in the accident while six to eight "destroyed."

Abdullah said that rescuing passengers who are still trapped is a "challenge" for the rescue officials, adding that an assistance train has departed from Rohri to the accident spot.

Ghotki SSP Umar Tufail added,

This is a difficult job. It will take time to use a bulky machine to free people (still trapped in). We are also setting up a medical camp to provide medical aid to citizens,

The railways said in an initial report,

The driver tried to put in emergency brakes, but the locomotive hit the coaches.

Officials were still trying to recover bodies and the injured from one of the damaged coaches, with the effort being slow down by lack of relevant cutters.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), "the military wing of the military," said army doctors and ambulances participated in the rescue work.

Army engineers and experts of Urban Search and Rescue were airlifted from Rawalpindi to aid deployed on-site and equipped with disc cutters, hydraulic spreaders, and other specialized machinery.

Reacting to the train accident, PM Imran Khan said that he was shocked by the horrific train accident and tweeted,

We were stunned by the terrible train accident at Ghotki this morning, leaving 30 people dead. Have asked the Railway Minister to get to the area & make sure medical assistance to injured & support for families of the deceased. Ordering comprehensive investigation into railway safety faultlines,

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President Arif Alvi also shows sorrow over the loss of lives in the train accident.

Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah expressed grief over the loss of lives and directed the Sukkur Commissioner to mobilize the district administration.

Directing the official to organize temporary accommodation and food for the passengers, he said

Heavy tools should be organized to saved passengers that are stuck. Injured passengers should be aid at nearby hospitals.

An inquiry System should be set up so that citizens can get correct information.

Sir Syed Express train's locomotive driver Aijaz Shah, who survived the accident, said that locals rescued him after two hours.

He said the train ran at its average speed when he straight away saw the derailed coaches on the Millat Express train track. Due to the less distance, the train crashed into the derailed coaches of Millat Express, leads to an accident.

The two trains have Over 1,000 passengers were on board. As per officials,

Around 20 passengers remained stuck in wreckage of some of the bogies, which were damaged and overturned, a spokesperson for the railway's department said,

Officials were gathering all the information of the passengers and staff on both the trains.

One of the officials said,

The rescue operation will take time to complete as heavy machinery is required to remove the damaged coaches.

15 lac (Rs 1.5million) to relatives whose members were killed in the accident. Authority Announced.

The government will compensate a maximum of 3 lac and a Minimum of 1 lac to those injured in the accident, and it also depends on the type(nature) of injuries.

Train accidents are common in Pakistan, and many people lose their lives every year.

Due to corruption (graft), mismanagement, and lack of investment, The decline in the decade has been seen by railways.

Similar accidents happen from time to time all over Pakistan as the railway's network remains outdated in many places. According to a senior former railways official,

The former official added that.

Many areas are still using the same outdated network and tracks placed before the Partition.

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