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UAE Warns To Cancel $23 Billion F-35 Fighter Jet Deal with US

UAE Warns To Cancel $23 Billion F-35 Fighter Jet Deal with US

The UAE government has told the US that it could end the deal over the F-35 aircraft, Reaper drones, and many other advanced munitions due to Abu Dhabi's notion that the security requirements laid out by the United States safeguard the weaponry from Chinese spying were too onerous.

The US has grown increasingly bothered about China's influence within UAE and has spelled out conditions that would ensure the fifth-generation fighter jet and advanced drones would not be vulnerable to Chinese espionage, the report said.

The Biden government was not sure if a deal, made under the previous Trump government, was effectively over or whether the UAE warned of a cancellation as a negotiating chip ahead of a planned visit on Wednesday by a country's high-level military delegation of Defense Department.

The UAE's warning to walk away from the deal arose from a letter written by a government official, suggesting that it was doubt a negotiating tactic heading to Wednesday's meeting, the report said, citing US officials.

US-UAE disagreement

At Washington's request, work at the site was stopped, said Anwar Gargash, diplomatic adviser to the UAE government. However, Abu Dhabi did not believe the facility was designed for security or military purposes.

Gargash said. However, he did not say what the UAE thought the facilities would be used for.

"We stopped the work on the potential facility. However, our opinion remains same: the facilities were not military installations,"

UAE Warns To Cancel 23 Billion F 35 Fighter Jet Deal with US 1Twitter image : @thef35

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He said.

"You hear your ally's worry, and it would be not responsible," not to consider them,

China's growing alliance with UAE seems to have created rifts between the US and UAE, affecting some critical weapons deals, including the agreement of F-35 aircraft. Even if the US had said that it remained to execute the F-35 contract, it had been deferring it for quite some time.

Huawei's Chinese telecom giant's participation in the 5G trials, where the US and its allies have turned over their heels, was a primary reason. US lawmakers are also concerned that US military equipment could be used in the Yemen conflict.

Although many reasons were cited, the Americans never withdrew from the deal. It was also speculated that the Emirates would receive a less stealthy version of the F-35, as previously reported by the Eurasian Times.

With the UAE government suddenly shutting down the Chinese facility, the stalled F-35 talks could receive fresh momentum.

Presence of China in UAE

Last month, the Wall Street Journal claimed that US intelligence services had spotted a Chinese construction port near Abu Dhabi where China Cosco shipping business owns a trading container facility.

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