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USA will come to Taiwan’s defense if china attack

USA will come to Taiwan’s defense if china attack

Joe Biden, US President, said that the USA will come to Taiwan’s defense if china attack and committed to defending the island China claims as its territory. These comments appeared to be a break from the official program.

“Yes, we have a responsibilty to do that,”

Joe Biden said at a CNN town hall when asked if the USA would come to the defense of Taiwan, which has to complain of increased military and political pressure from China to accept Chinese power.

USA will come to Taiwan’s defense if china attack While the USA is required by law to provide Taiwan with means to defend itself, it has long followed a policy of “strategic uncertainity” on whether it would step in militarily to protect Taiwan in the event of Chinese intervention. In August, a Biden administration official said US policy on Taiwan had not changed after the president suggested the United States would defend the island if it were attacking.

Biden said people should not worry about US military strength because

“Russia, China and rest of the world knows we’re most powerful military in history of the universe.”

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Military tension between China and Taiwan are at their worst situation in more than 40 years of uncertainty. This month, Chiu Kuo-cheng, Taiwan’s Defense Minister, said that China will mount a “full-scale” invasion by the 2025 year.

Taiwan says its an independent country and will defend its democracy and freedoms. China says Taiwan is the most delicate and vital issue in its ties with the United States and has denounced “collusion” between Taipei and Washington.

On Thursday, Speaking to reporters earlier, Zhang Jun, China’s United Nations Ambassador, said they are pursuing a “peaceful reunion” with Taiwan and reply to “separatist try” by Democratic Progressive Party, which is ruling.

“We are not the troublemaker. On the opposed, some countries – the US in particular is taking vicious actions, leading the situation in Taiwan into a dangerous way,”

He said.

“I think at the moment what we should call is that USA to stop such practices. Dragging Taiwan into a war is in nobody interest. I don’t see that United States will earn anything from that.”

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