World Hardest Lockdown in China

World Hardest Lockdown in China

Hello, friends! Whether it's Africa or India, or Europe or America, currently, in most countries, the covid restrictions have either been removed, or they are being removed bit by bit. But there is a country that has the exact opposite story. The land which was the source of Covid-19 is China.

Perhaps the most stifling lockdowns are now being imposed in many Chinese cities. It's reported that the government has set up electronic alarms outside their homes for the people who have tested positive. And this alarm would go off if they stepped outside their homes. Young children are sent to school in complete PPE kits. And there have been cases where pets of covid positive people are being euthanized. Videos of people shouting from their balconies are popping up every day.

They are fed up with the lockdown and now want to be able to leave their homes. "I think it's the worst wave for the coronavirus pandemic in 2 years." "China is dealing with a large number of Omicron cases. And the situation keeps getting worse." "You can see people wearing white PPE kits." "In many parts of the world, most Covid restrictions are gone.

But in China, this remains the strategy. Lockdowns, such as this one in Shanghai. Any change, of course, if being resisted." User, China's story is different from other countries. If we compare it with India, we had to live through three waves in India. First in 2020, the original Covid-19 strain. Second, in May 2021, the Delta variant wave was the deadliest. And recently, the third wave in January 2022, due to the Omicron variant. More or less, it was a harmless wave with a low death rate. There were similar 3-4 waves in most countries, with various variants responsible for them. And in most countries, the latest wave was the Omicron wave.

But if we talked about China when the first original strain of Covid-19 evolved, China imposed an intense lockdown in the country, and there were no other waves after the first in the last two years. We saw similar stories in countries like Australia and New Zealand as well, and these are the places that were quickly cut off from the rest of the world due to which there were no Covid cases after the first wave passed, for a long time.

The biggest worry with this strategy is that the countries need to open up sometime. They can't be forever cut off from the rest of the world. And the second problem is that the Omicron variant spreads so rapidly that it's next to impossible to contain its spread. Many countries like Australia and New Zealand, as soon as they started opening up a little. The Omicron variant caused a wave in those countries too. Similarly, it happened to China too.

In mainland China, the first Omicron case was detected on 9th December 2021. In a man who had returned from a foreign country. He was asymptomatic. It's common for the Omicron variant most people who got Omicron didn't even know it. But by March-April, there were about 25,000 confirmed cases in China, A new record in China since the pandemic's beginning. This is China's second wave. According to the reports, a sub-variant of Omicron, BA.2, is responsible for this wave in China.

This variant is also known as the Stealth Omicron. Because it is difficult to be detected, and this variant is 1.5 times more transmissible than Omicron. The country where this subvariant originated from remains unknown, but it was first seen in the Philippines. As per World Health Organisation, BA.2 has become a Variant of Concern.

The good news is that the evidence gathered till now suggests that this variant isn't deadlier than Omicron. According to Denmark's Statens Serum Institute, the risk of hospitalization in BA.2 isn't higher than in Omicron. It's simply more transmissible. This is why 86% of sequenced cases detected worldwide are caused by this subvariant—so there is no need to be scared of this covid variant.

And that's why in countries like New Zealand and Australia, despite the rising number of Covid cases, their governments have accepted that we would need to co-exist with Covid. And so, the Covid restrictions are slowly being removed there. But China's strategy is different.

China has always believed in Zero Covid Policy. The Chinese government believes that Covid is a danger to public health and that we need to eliminate it in any way we can, whether it spreads through people or animals, food, or even mail.

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The Chinese government has taken unpredictable measures to limit Covid cases to 0. For example, in October 2021, the Chinese government deployed a 'geese army' on the China-Vietnam border.

If an unknown person enters their territory, they start biting them. So China deployed 500 geese around the China-Vietnam border. So if someone wanted to cross the border from Vietnam to China illegally, these birds were supposed to bite them.

Additionally, 400 mixed breed dogs were also deployed at the border. All of this so that no Covid case could enter China. But now, when Covid cases are on the rise in a city like Shanghai, on 31st March, China decided to impose a city-wide lockdown in Shanghai. Twenty-five million people are under lockdown. People were prohibited from leaving their neighborhoods.

Everyone was forced to test, and it was reported that the people who were found to be Covid positive had electronic alarms fitted outside their homes. So that the government is alerted if they step outside their homes. Many viral videos popped up, in which people were furious. People don't want to suffer through this anymore. They were locked in their homes.

As per China's Zero Covid Policy, people who test positive for Covid and are asymptomatic, or have mild symptoms, are taken away from their homes to temporary accommodation centers. People complained that the accommodation centers are in terrible condition.

Leaking roofs, overcrowding, with no heating, no ACs, and no access to medicines. Windows of these accommodation centers have been sealed so that there's no unfiltered air circulation. Fearing that the virus may spread through the windows. There have been reports where the pets of Covid-positive people, pet dogs, and pet cats are being killed. So that Covid can't spread through them.

These drones were allegedly deployed because people were singing on their balconies. About the government empty them to death. The critical question to arise here is why the Chinese government is doing this?

It is affecting the lives of people and, overall, it is also affecting the Chinese economy. Since these lockdowns were declared, the Chinese stock market continuously fell. It is dubbed the Unnecessary Covid Lockdown. In 31 major Chinese cities, the unemployment rate rose to 6% in March. The highest on record for the last four years. Inflation is on the rise.

The government had estimated that the GDP growth rate of China would be at 5.5% in 2022. But various agencies have slashed China's growth forecast. Some report that China's GDP growth rate would be around 4.5%. At the same time, others believe that it may fall to 3.9% too. It is exciting to see China's neighbor, South Korea, has a similar story. But a different approach.

South Korea had cut itself off from the rest of the world for almost two years. And when they tried to open up the country a little, there was a rapid increase in the number of cases. But the vaccination rate was relatively high in South Korea, and the South Korean government's policy was similar to Australia and New Zealand; they acknowledged that they need to learn to live with Covid.

They stopped trying to limit the Covid cases to zero, so there were no lockdowns declared in South Korea. And the result remained beneficial for the people as well as the economy. And so I come back to my question. Why is the Chinese government hellbent on destruction? What's the reason behind it?

Many experts believe that there are two main reasons behind it. First: the Chinese vaccines aren't as effective as the Chinese government had expected them to be. They had used five primary vaccines, of which the most famous were Sinovac, Sinopharm, and Cansino. According to the manufacturers, their efficacy is between 50% to 79%. Comparing it with other vaccines such as Moderna and Phizer, their efficacy was around 95%.

Concerning the earlier strains, that is. With the newer strains, the efficacy of every vaccine kept on reducing, including Phizer and Moderna. But if the effectiveness of these Chinese vaccines fell even further, you can imagine what would ensue. But the second and the more significant reason is said to be Xi Jinping's politics. Internal elections of the Chinese Communist Party are slated to be held in a few months.

Their National Congress is called every five years, and Xi Jinping will try to win his third term. It's being said that he will try to use his Zero Covid Policy as an example to show that China has emerged as a prosperous country.

Compared to Western countries, which saw so many deaths and even more cases, It's said that he wants the number of deaths and patients in China to be zero.

Xi Jinping personally proposed this policy as a solution to Covid. And now, if he were to back down, it might adversely affect his image. And his ego. Somewhat related to this, if you want to know the truth behind China's policies and politics and want to see the secret behind China's riches

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