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Hotel and Restaurants shut down in Delhi

Hotel and Restaurants shut down in Delhi

Due to the continuing increase of Covid cases in Delhi, the (DDMA) Delhi Disaster Management Authority ordered restaurants and bars to shut down, allowing only takeaway and delivery services.

The order comes as another move to the industry that is the worst hit due to the pandemic. After shutdowns during the first and second covid waves, with home delivery only allowed after a while. Then long periods when they operated at 50 percent capacity and reduced hours, restaurants had seen business pick only recently, before the third covid wave hit.

Delhi L-G Anil Baijal tweeted.

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) order followed a meeting on Monday where restrictions, cases, and bed availability were discussed.

“Because of the increase in positive cases, it was decided to close the restaurants and bars and only allow ‘take away’ facilities. It was also decided to allow function of only one weekly market per day per zone,”

Kabir Suri, NRAI, said the new guidelines were unsanctionable and would impact “more than 3 lakh people” employed in the hotel industry in Delhi. “This will lead to increase unemployment because no one knows how long this will go on,” he said, adding that over 25 percent of the restaurants shut last year, and more than 24 lakh people lost their jobs nationally.

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Suri said.

After the start of Covid, the restaurant and hotel sector was the first to be shut and almost the last one to start again during the first and second lockdowns,

Restaurant and hotel were allowed to stay open till midnight only towards the end of August 2021.

He said.

“The third wave is going to be more worse than last year. We survived somehow so far, but with the new guidelines announced today in Delhi, it seems highly unlikely that we can survive any longer,”

Suri said that dine-out frequency in Delhi was the maximum of “6 times per month compared to the national average of 4.5 times per month,” whereas takeaway/ delivery was meager.

According to officials present at the DDMA meeting, the sharp increase in the number of Covid cases over the last two weeks, and an uptick in deaths, have authorities worried.

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