India Muslims would not be harm by CAA and NRC: RSS Cheif

India Muslims would not be harm by CAA and NRC: RSS Cheif

The CAA and NRC would not harm India's Muslim citizens while urging the voters "to check" those who try to politicize the issues on communal lines, said RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Wednesday.

The CAA was proceeded in 2019 to fast-track the citizenship process for non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The law opponents insist it's discriminatory and unconstitutional as it connects faith to national origin in a non-religious nation. CAA triggered fears of a new rush of migrants into Assam from Bangladesh and sparked protests in the state.

Opponents in Assam say legislation violates the 1985 Assam Accord signed following an agitation for detection and deportation of undocumented migrants irrespective of their faith. The accord set March 24, 1971, as the cut-off date for the detection. A process line with the agreement was carried out in Assam and led to the exclusion of around two million people from NRC.

Bhagwat insisted the CAA and NRC are not against any Indian citizen.

Said Bhagwat at the launch of Gauhati University professor Nani Gopal Mahanta's book on NRC and CAA.

"The (1950) Nehru-Liaquat Pact clearly stated that each country would protect its minorities. India has been following it, Pakistan failed to do so," 

Bhagwat said Indians always welcomed outsiders,

"but designs by some to impose their language, religion and food habits on others led to fears." He said since 1930.

There have been attempts to increase the Muslim population in a

"planned manner" to "exercise dominance and slowly turn this nation into Pakistan."

"This was true for Punjab, Sindh, Assam, and Bengal. The plan worked to an extent as India got partitioned and Pakistan was created. But it did not happen entirely as planned and Assam did not go to Pakistan, though part of Bengal and Punjab got divided."

Bhagwat said this forced some persecuted people in Pakistan to come to India seeking refuge. He added others went with the idea of increasing their population.

"Respect for other religions, cultures, and languages are part of India's culture. We do not have to learn about secularism, socialism, democracy from anyone else in the world. Our Constitution clearly defines rights and duties. The problem arises when people want all rights and do not want to follow the duties."

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Bhagwat said they could not ignore the plight of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

"The provisions of CAA are meant for those who were persecuted in those countries and came to India for refuge. It is not for those who came to India without facing any persecution." He maintained that exercises such as NRC happen in every country to determine who among those residing in a nation are citizens. "Its the duty of all governments to keep a tab on people (who stay in a country illegally). NRC is just one way of finding that out."

He said the process had targeted political mileage.

"And for that, some people will turn each CAA and NRC something between Hindu and Muslim while that is not the case."

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stressed the protests against CAA in other parts of the country were utterly different from Assam's.

"While the former sought inclusion of Muslims on the list of communities mentioned in the legislation (CAA), the protests in Assam were against the inclusion of all communities and was against the legislation itself,"

He said.

"The viewpoint of those opposing CAA from the national perspective is very communal. They want the inclusion of Muslims in CAA. But in Assam, it is different as those who are protesting do not want either Hindu migrants or Muslims who migrated to India to become citizens."

Sarma said they have a duty towards the persecuted people.

"That is why I am a supporter of CAA and will remain one. But at same time, we need to take measures to protect our Assamese identity and culture. I am sure Assamese people will find a way out where we will balance everything and contribute to nation-building."

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