Tuesday, 25 January 2022

MSEDCL initiated new intelligent meters for the end-user

MSEDCL initiated new intelligent meters for the end-user

Suppose meters, which are currently in use, develop faults. In that case, consumers face the problem of overbilling. They are often underbilled, which results in losses to the state undertaking, says the spokesperson Bharat Pawar of the energy department.

MSEDCL introduced intelligent meters on a test basis for the end-user. The smart meters, MSEDCL, said will benefit state undertaking to the public.

Energy Minister Nitin Raut. said 

“We will soon be installing intelligent meters at homes of consumers in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Aurangbad and Nagpur. This will done on an test basis to find out results. After the test successful, the intelligent meter system will be executed across state,” 

Maharashtra govt hesitates to start a trial run of intelligent meters 1getty image

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Explaining how smart meters will help people, Pawar said,

“Along with smart meters, prepaid or postpaid system just like mobile will take result. Consumers can recharge the meters through app of MSEDCL. Consumer can control the consumption of power which help them bring their less.”

Pawar said if meters, which are presently in use, develop faults, consumers face the problem of overbilling. At times, they are underbilled, which outcome losses to the state undertaking company.

He said.

“In smart meters, these problems are culled out. because consumers are billed only for units consumed,” 

Officials said for MSEDCL, and it could be a game-changer as power thefts and losses will come to be less.

Pawar said.

“The biggest earnings will be in terms for balance which are outstandng in crores with all types of end user. The consumers now not have to pay bills but can recharge their meters as per their requirement. They will get as much as they want and we won’t have huge arrears pending which is what is happening currently,” 

MSEDCL earns Rs 4,500 crore every month from power bills and other revenue sources.

An official said.

“However, we hardly are left with any profit as we have to pay salaries of staff, purchase power from companies, look after the maintenance and carry out other necessary tasks. Our biggest defaulters are the farmers, many of whom have not paid for years despite hefty concessions given to them,” 

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