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Revised Speed Limit of various vehicle Categories by Delhi Traffic Police as per the new notification given recently

The speed limit for all two-wheelers, motorbikes on highways, and flyovers will be a maximum cap of 50-60kmph

Delhi Traffic Police fix the Speed limit for a different type of vehicle, many uncontrolled

cars are running on the road, which can be dangerous for people and motorists on the road.

The Newly revised speed limit rule to execute on an immediate basis, an official notification signed by the deputy commissioner of Delhi police.

Menu Choudhary, Joint CP Traffic to the news agency ANI. Said

We have revised speed limit under four categorize. M1 category vehicles, the maximum speed limit is 60-70 kmph. We've made taxi and cab speed limit at par with cars after this notification,

She also added

The speed limit for cars at 50 kmph, the speed limit for two-wheelers will be at 50 kmph, but where the cars speed limit is 70kmph, for two-wheelers it is 60kmph,

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Delhi Traffic police have set the maximum speed limit for various categories of vehicles: details.

The speed limit of all two-wheelers, motorbikes on highways, and flyovers are set to be a maximum of 50-60kmph by the Delhi Traffic Police. Still, whenever the two-wheeler is in a residential complex, service roads, and commercial markets, the vehicle speed needs to be reduced to 30kmph.

Two-wheelers (scooters and bikes, etc.) will have a fixed speed limit of 30 km/h on all minor roads inside residential areas, markets, and service roads and 50-60km/h on highways flyovers, and most of the streets.

The speed limit is fixed for all transport vehicles, including TSRs, Phat-Phat Sewa, and quadricycles.

Gramin Sewa will be 40 kmph.

M2 category vehicles include all the delivery vans, motorcars, etc.; the speed limit is 50-60 kph on most of the roads.

The speed limit is fixed at 50-60 kph. For M2 and M3 category vehicles, all transport vehicles include Gramin Sewa, TSRs, Phat-Phat Sewa, and the quadricycles speed limit at 40 kph.

Uber, Ola app-based cabs fall under M1 category vehicles, which include jeeps and other cars, can operate the vehicle on most roads at the maximum speed of 50-70 kph, but need to restrict 30kmph

inside residential areas, commercial markets, and minor roads.

According to Delhi Traffic police notification

Suppose any rider or driver is found to broke the above speed limitations set by the traffic police to be more than 5% of the fixed maximum speed restrictions. In that case, the Delhi police shall take cognizance of the offense under section 183 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. However, if the person is found to drive the vehicle within 5% of the set rules, they can be excused.

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