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Liquor prices in Delhi may increase in November

Liquor prices in Delhi may increase in November after the new excise policy

Liquor prices are likely to increase in Delhi as the new excise policy comes into effect in November. As per an order from the Excise, Luxury Tax, and Entertainment, the wholesale price (WSP) per unit may increase between 8-9 percent depending upon the type of liquor. Government officials are fixing the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) because of the changed Excise Policy.

The order said.

“Due to revised guidelines incorporated in the cost card of foreign and Indian liquor consider new Excise Policy 2021-22, the new the wholesale price (WSP) to be arrived is likely to increase by approximately 8-9 per cent,”

In the new policy, VAT and excise duty have been subdivided into the license fee. Nominal VAT and excise duty at the rate of 1 percent each on wholesale price (WSP) will be imposed at the landing price to retailers, said the order.

The order said.

The impact on the wholesale price (WSP) due to incorporation of various contain like central sales tax, among others, will increase the whiskey price in Rs 25 per wholesale unit for Blenders Pride to Rs 10 per unit for McDowell. A similar impact is expected on other groups of liquor as well,

As per the new policy, all 849 vendors will be operating by private entities from 17th November.

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The order further said.

“It would be a reasonable presumption that since all vendors shall be operated by private business entities in competitive markets environment, They would operate at their max efficiency and the market size in terms of number of barrel sold is likely to show a significant increase as compared to 2019-20,”

There will be no capped of Rs 50 as retail margin on the sale of IMFL (Indian-Made Foreign Liquor) and Rs 100 on purchase of foreign liquor, read the order. The order said that there would be no cap on the retail margin of wine, foreign liquor, beer, and IMFL, and the competitive market forces will keep watch over the sale price to the consumer.

The order stated.

“It is important that consumer should not be load with price increased. The changes brought about in new excise policy will need reasonable time to play out in market. In general interests of consumers of Delhi, to prevent existing smuggle, the MRP for 2021-22 should as far as possible be in same price range as prevailing in Delhi,”

The order said that the impact of an increase in WSP and liquor prices in neighboring states, including Haryana, UP, Punjab, and Rajasthan, will also be considered while fixing MRP.

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