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Odisha elderly woman gives the property of Rs 1 crore to rickshaw-puller

Odisha elderly woman gives the property of Rs 1 crore to rickshaw-puller

An older woman in Cuttack donated all of her property and other assets to a rickshaw-puller in recall of 25 years of service to her and her family.

Minati Patnaik, 63, of Sutahat, in Cuttack, has donated her story house, gold things, and all her possessions to Budha Samal, a rickshaw-puller who has been serving her family for over two decades.

Minati Pattnaik considered donating all of her property to the low-income family of a rickshaw puller, who had served Minati Pattnaik and her husband for 25 years, after losing her husband to kidney disease last year and was living with her daughter Komal who also died of cardiac arrest recently.

Minati Pattnaik said,

"I was fatigued and living in pain after the deaths of my husband and daughter at repeated intervals. After my disastrous loss, none of my relatives supported me. I was utterly alone. However, this rickshaw-puller and his family stood by me during my difficult times and cared for my health without assuming anything in return.

My relatives have sufficient property, and I've always wanted to give mine to a low-income family.

Minati added.

"I decide to legally donate everything to Budha Samal and his family so that no one trouble them after my death,"

She said

He used to drop my daughter at Ravenshaw College. He was the family's rickshaw-puller. My trust in him and his commitment to my family and me earned him the reward, and I did not do them any excellent service by giving them my all property. They deserve it,"

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But, two of Minati's three sisters objected to her decision to give away her property to the rickshaw puller and her family. Still, Minati Pattnaik was loyal and determined to carry out her plans. She followed all legal following to ensure that her property was transferred adequately after her death.

In addition to the parents, Budha has a wife and three children, two sons and one daughter.

Budha Samal said, "I was taken back when Minati told me about her decision to do her property. I've been serving the family for more than twenty years and will continue to serve minati Maa until I die.

Budha Samal said.

"I am thrilled that Maa has made such an key decision that will have an effect on my and my family lives. We can now live under one roof with my families,"

Budha quit the job of pulling rickshaws two years ago after Minati asked him to leave, and he moved to her house with his wife and children after four months at the request of Minati.

Budha Samal's wife said,

"We had always considered Minati as our mother, so my husband and I, as well as my childrens, were all at her dumping. We are glad that my family and Maa, will be able to stay in this house."

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