Tuesday, 19 October 2021

The cop says, 'No one needs to panic' on mock drill in Mumbai Airport

The cop says, 'No one needs to panic' on mock drill in Mumbai Airport

Mumbai airport Terminal 2 was clearing on the morning of Saturday for a mock drill purpose, police said, urging people not to fear as several photographs on social media showed a passenger being moving out of the area of an airport.

An official of Mumbai Police was quoting as saying by news agency ANI.

"A mock drill is being run at Mumbai international airport. No one needs to be panic,"

Even as authorities ensured that the mock drill would not affect the flight schedules, several passengers did not know about the removing task.

Later, officials at CSMIA (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport) said they conducted a

"mimic mock drill exercise as per schedule security protocol."

CSMIA said on Twitter.

"The drill was held this morning at Terminal 2 location in partnership with CSMIA's multiple stakeholder,"

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It said.

"After all successful checks and assessments, the terminal was continue to be declare safe with the drill completed at 11:48 hours,"

Several passengers, including journalist Cyrus Dhabhar and television show consultants Siddhartha Basu, said the Mumbai airport evacuation led to confusion and alleged that Covid-19 protocols were flouting.

Basu tweeted.

"Total confusion at Terminal 2 Mumbai airport with sudden announcement of mock drill with total removal purpose. Stuck & suffocation in a crowded bus on tarmac for last 30 min, along with about 15 other buses. No AC, no information. Complete Covid trap. Irresponsible & dangerous,"

Some of the passengers also take on Twitter to tweet that there were threats to Mumbai airport. CSMIA reply to all complaints and concerns through its Twitter handle about completing the Mumbai airport removing drill task.

Mumbai's international airport saw a rising trend in passenger traffic as travel restrictions were lifting in various states. Data from the Mumbai airport showed that about 316,118 passengers passed security checkpoints at CSMIA between August 16 and August 22— six times more than last year. Only 55,875 traveled between July 31 and August 6 last year amid Covid-19 related lockdown restrictions.

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