Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Meet 'Chocolate Frog': The Newly Discovered Species Might Just Be Out of Harry Potter World

Excitement at its peak for a newfound species of frog which seems to be imaginary as it appears to come straight out of Happy Potter because of its unbelievable resemble be shown in the movie.

Australia’s Queensland Museum has discovered a new frog species, Litoria Mira looking just like a chocolate frog.

It was published in the Australian Journal of Zoology.

Lead author Dr. Paul Oliver, in a statement, said once they saw the new cocoa-colored species, they started calling it a "chocolate frog" and the name stuck.

Litoria is the genus of the common tree frog, and Mira comes from Latin mirum, which means strange or surprised. Compared to other tree frogs, known for their green skin, Litoria Mira is brown in color.

Dr Oliver said in a statement,

The closest known relative of Litoria Mira is the Australian green tree frog. The two species look similar except one is usually green, while the new species usually has a lovely chocolate coloring,

Steve Richards, who was a co-author of the paper, said the researchers thought the species was probably widespread in New Guinea. However, since these frogs live in very hot, swampy areas with lots of crocodiles, further exploration of the species remains a challenge.

As per the genetic study chocolate frog has evolved to becomes genetically distinct to the point where the green tree frog and the chocolate frog will not be able to breed although they are a close relative. Also if a compared chocolate frog is small than the Australian green tree frog.

The authors said while New Guinea was not a place most Australians know well, the genetic structure of many animal groups is shared.

The authors said,

So understanding biodiversity in New Guinea will help us to understand the history and origins of Australia’s unique fauna.