Saturday, 28 January 2023

Two monkeys caught for allegedly killing puppies

Two monkeys caught for allegedly killing puppies

Forest administrator from Aurangabad on Saturday captured two monkeys for allegedly killing several puppies in Lavool village in Maharashtra’s Beed district.

Lavool residents claim that monkeys have killed several puppies in “retaliation” after some dogs killed an infant monkey.

However, an official from the sub-divisional office, revenue department in Majalgaon taluk, said there is no proof that the monkeys acted in retaliation.

The official said

“This is said to have enraged the monkeys who in retaliation are killing the puppies of dogs as per local residents. But we do not have any proof to back up this theory. Its animal behaviour and we cannot ascertain why they are behaving like this,”

Confirming that “the monkeys have killed some puppies, Beed district collector Rabhabinod Sharma told The Indian Express they cannot ascertain why the puppies were targeted.

“To some extent the news is true. We cannot confirm the figures of deaths either but some puppies of dogs have been killed by monkeys. We also cannot confirm why this is happening, whether they (monkeys) are actually angry with dogs because we do not know animal behaviour.”

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P V Munde, the senior police inspector of Majalgaon grahmin (rural) police, said:

“The issue is real but we do not have any evidence to say how many puppies of dogs have been killed. But yesterday, forest officials from Aurangabad came and captured two monkeys.”

As per the locals, the monkeys vs. dogs gang war in Lavool village began after a few stray dogs attacked an infant monkey to death in the area.

To avenge the death, the monkeys have since then been picking up puppies and throwing them off the top of trees and tall buildings, say villagers.