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BCCI indicates the increasing number of IPL games per season in 2023-27 cycle

BCCI indicates the increasing number of IPL games per season in 2023-27 cycle

The BCCI has indicated increasing the number of Indian Premier League (IPL) games per season from 2023-to 27. The immediate indications are that the number of games will add up to 410, with a progressive increase every two seasons.

It has been learned that while there will be 74 games in the first two years of the new cycle - 2023 and 2024 - in the next couple of years, the number of games will be 84. In the final and fifth season of the process, it could be 94, although the BCCI has kept the options of 84 games also open. However, the bidders are believed to have been advised to go with the calculation of 410 games and not 370.

Cricbuzz reported on May 6 about the lack of clarity in the Invitation To Tender (ITT) over several games each season and cumulatively in five seasons and how clarifications were sought by those who have purchased the Invitation To Tender (ITT) document.

However, it is unclear how the BCCI/IPL will break down the number of games for each team so that 84 and 94 numbers are added up ideally. For instance, of 94 games, each team will likely play twice, home and away - the regular format - followed by the four playoffs, which will add up to a significant number.

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However, the BCCI will have to devise a formula, just like this season for 74 games, for an 84-games edition. Currently, the league is divided into two virtual groups of five teams, each to play twice against four others in a group, once against four of the other group, and twice against the remaining crew. Four playoffs add up to 74. In case of 84 matches, the formula could be twice against each side in one's group, twice against two of another group, and once against the three in a group.

Clarity on this is yet to come, but there is no ambiguity in the number of games for the non-exclusive Special Package (C) when the volume of games increases in a season. As reported before, there would be 18 games in the special package for a 74-game season. There will be 20 more games for an 84-game season and 22 for 94-game editions. In total, the number of games in Package C in five years will be 96, including the opening match of every season, the playoffs, and the night matches of the double-headers.

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