Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Upcoming WhatsApp features

All important upcoming WhatsApp features

To improve user experiences, WhatsApp is constantly developing many new features. The instant messaging platform usually tests the part before making it live for all users. Here we list all components that WhatsApp is currently testing and might be soon rolling out in the future version of WhatsApp.

Edit feature

WhatsApp has started testing new features that will let users edit messages once they have been sent, allowing one to correct any typos or errors to wrong information. The Edit features may soon come to beta versions of the app, as per a report by WABetaInfo. The quality will also bring Facebook-owned WhatsApp up to stand alongside Telegram, which already offers users the features to edit messages once they’re sent.

Save disappearing messages

Disappearing messages were introduced to make news more private. But, users who rely on the disappearing mode to communicate may still have some critical notes that they wish to keep safe. This could be an address, instructions, or something similar. Now it looks like WhatsApp might fix these issues with new features that will allow users to save and keep messages for later sources even when they’re chatting in disappearing mode.

Exit groups silently

The meta-owned messaging platform works on features that allow users to silently exit groups. As per reports by WABetaInfo, the feature is currently under development and will be coming to a future update of the app. With the new feature, only group admins will be notified of the exit when a user leaves a group. Other users will not be alerted.

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Status rich link preview

The meta-owned messaging platform adds the ability to include rich link previews in status updates (WhatsApp’s versions of the ‘Stories’ feature). A report by WABetaInfo shows that the Newest beta versions of the app generate previews for links when shared in a status update.

Double verification code

Whatsapp is planning to introduce features that will add a layer of security before a user can log in to a WhatsApp account, according to WABetaInfo.

When a user tries to log in to WhatsApp on a new phone, you would need an extra verification code apart from the first one sent by SMS.

Undo button for deleted messages

If a user accidentally chooses the ‘Delete for me’ option instead of the ‘Delete for everyone’ choice, they are left with no option to delete the message for others, having themselves lost the text or image. WhatsApp wants to address the issue with a new feature that will let users bring back an accidentally deleted message. As per WABetaInfo, a new undo button will pop up towards the lower end of the screen for a short period, which will let users bring back a deleted message to life.