Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Beware of UPI QR Code Scam

Beware of UPI QR Code Scam

Nowadays, many of us are using UPI to make payments to anyone as it is more accessible, and we don’t have to worry about having the exact change at that time. Messaging app WhatsApp has even introduced an option to send and receive money, making it easier to make payments to friends and family.

UPI transaction is effortless to make. Scan a QR code, enter amount and send it. However, you can complete these transaction on WhatsApp at no cost.

However, as the use of UPI transactions increases day by day, online fraud cases have also increased. Fraudsters have also found ways to trick innocent people into looting their hard-earned money. One of the most common ways fraudsters use QR codes.

Let us know how fraudsters scam people by using QR codes on WhatsApp.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is used when you need to send money to a shopkeeper, friends, or any service. Note that one needs to scan the QR code to send money, not receive it. However, some people who do not know get scammed by fraudsters.

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The scammers might share a QR code with you on WhatsApp, asking you to scan the code using Google Pay or any other UPI-based service to receive the money in the bank account. But, instead of obtaining money, you may lose money to the scammer.

Or they might pose as a friend or family member of yours and request you to send money to them. In this case, you must check the UPI ID first after scanning a QR code on WhatsApp and confirm by calling your friends before making the payment.

So, those who are not known how online payment works should learn about it and then make an online transaction to avoid falling into this trap and losing money. Scammers have different ways of tricking people, so you need to be careful before making any online payment.

A fraud person could also send you a QR code over WhatsApp and ask you to scan it using a UPI and enter MPIN, which is the mobile PIN that you have set for your banking app. WhatsApp allows users to save any contact utilizing a QR code, so users should share their WhatsApp QR code with only those they trust. Otherwise, someone may forward your WhatsApp QR code to other people, who could then add you as a contact by scanning your code.