Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Gmail set a new record of 10 billion Downloads

Gmail set a new record of 10 billion Downloads

Gmail Android's app has become the fourth Google application to hit 1000 crores installs. The only other apps by Google as cross the milestone are the Google Play Services app, Google Maps, and YouTube.

The Gmail app, Google's go-to email application for Android phones, was launched in 2004 and has been popular among Android users ever since. Also, a default app on almost many new Android phones, the Gmail application has, over the years, grown to become an essential addition in productivity apps for both students and professionals.

The application is no longer just an email user either. Today, it has been loaded with features that make it a comprehensive communication platform, with better integration with other Google services like Hangouts and Meet.

Gmail has also had some alternatives from Google come up over the years, which likely slowed its progress to a 10 billion installs mark. This includes Google's Inbox app, which became popular but eventually retired. The Gmail Lite app offers all essential functionalities of the default Gmail application for lower-end devices like entry-level budget smartphones.

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As pointed out by Android Police in a report, the next Google application to cross the 10 billion milestones could be the Chrome Browser for Android. The popular browser is also a common find on most Android phones these days, also the default browser app in phones by many OEMs. Known for its speed, excellent tab management, and ever-growing feature-set, Chrome is one of today's most popular browsers.

Five most commonly used apps: Google Play Service was the first app to cross the 10 billion mark. After which, the number of YouTube and then Google Maps has also come. Also, Gmail's name has been added to the list recently. The Facebook app may also cross the 1 billion downloading mark soon. Facebook will be the fifth app in the world to do so.

Apps with more than 5 billion downloading:-

Google Search
Google Text-to-Speech
Google Chrome
Android Accessibility Suite
Google Drive
WhatsApp Messenger
Google TV/Google Play Movies
Google Photos
Facebook Messenger
Google Hangouts