Friday, 07 October 2022

Google Wallet is Expected to return as part of Google Pay

Google Wallet is Expected to return as part of Google Pay

Google spoke about its plans to make Google Pay "an overall digital wallet," It seems as if the first step in this direction might be the return of Google Wallets, a payments service the company gave up in favors of the GPay wallet service. Screenshots of Google Wallet have emerged, and it appears that it will come as part of the Google Pay app. Here are the details.

The new ability will be in addition to contactless payments, which have become the essence of Google Pay. Hence, the prominent branding will remain Google Pay, and the Wallet will be a part of it. The screengrab also shows that Google Wallet will be able to hold airline passes, theater tickets, and more can be added.

It is also disclosed that Google Wallet will be able to show passes from a Gmail account users, and there might be a way for users to access receipts from anywhere else. There's also proof of a new Google Wallet logo, which strongly hints at a revamped Google Pay.

Google Wallet is Expected to return as part of Google Pay 1pixabay image

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For those who don't know, this new Google Wallet is a resurrection of the standalone Google Wallet launched back in 2011. It allowed for NFC payments and was a place for people to store their cards, gift cards, and more. But eventually, it went on to be merged with Android Pay and became what we tend to use frequently these days — Google Pay.

Wallet's comeback might prove fruitful for Google to stir things up and help Google Pay better compete with Apple Pay, Paytm (in India), and more solutions. It's still very early to comment on how things will be if and when Wallet gets reintroduced.

Google I/O 2022 is all set to commence next month, and maybe that's when we might get to know about Google's plans for its payments service. Stay tuned for more information, and do let us know your thoughts on the return of Google Wallet in the comments below.