Wednesday, 07 December 2022

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is one of the best-known apps for messaging. The app has various features to offer users a seamless experience, from video calls to live locations. One can also delete messages, which is a good feature. If you send a message accidentally to any contact or send a typo message, you can immediately delete it.

However, WhatsApp gives only one hour of a window to delete a message, after which the option is not available to users. While this is fine,

There are many apps on Google Play Store that you can try. We installed the "WAMR" app, which is only available for Android users. It lets you read deleted messages.

How to read deleted messages on mobile?

Step 1: Install the app from Google Play Store named "WAMR"

Step 2: You will need to give permissions to the app. Once done, you are all set.

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Special Note: The app will require your permission to run in the background. So, you can change that anytime in your phone's Settings > Apps & Notifications.

Privacy and data collection by apps?

It is essential to note that when you give notification permission to any app, it means that the WAMR app will be able to read your details, such as text messages and contact names that you receive. So, keep that in mind before permitting "Notifications" to any third-party app.

When will this app not work?

If you disable "Notifications" access for this app, then it won't be able to show you deleted messages. Apps like this immediately pull notes from the notification panel when you receive them. So, even if the message gets deleted when you open WhatsApp, you will be able to check it out in the mentioned app. Additionally, if you switch off your smartphone, then this app won't be able to recover deleted messages. Those who have disabled "Notifications" for the WhatsApp app will not be able to utilize this app.